Life vest inside - Orly WahbaTED2013 kindness catalyst Orly Wahba speaks the following words: “What do you see when you watch the news, when you turn on the radio or when you read the headlines? Hatred, poverty, war and fear. But you know what I see? I see people with amazing potential, who just lost their way and forgot to believe in themselves.”

Orly, the founder of the international kindness organization ‘Life Vest Inside’, just returned from speaking about the Magic of Kindness at the TED2013 conference in California.
Soul Love had an exclusive interview with this passionate powerhouse.
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Orly Wahba’s success started when she posted her amazing video on YouTube called ‘Kindness Boomerang’. The video soon went viral and has already reached over 8 million people across the globe.

Orly is truly our Kindness Loving Soul!