kayaBy the age of 10, Canadian Pop Star Kaya had a gold record (under the name Francis Martin), and at 18, he had two Quebec number-one singles, with four more songs hitting number 1 on the next album. At the age of 24, after the release of his fifth album, Sony Music Canada offered him a multi-million dollar contract with a plan to launch him worldwide with the same team behind Celine Dion.

The birth of his daughter called all his success and its trappings into question, and his spiritual quest took on a new importance for him. He left the music world at the height of his fame, turning down a lucrative contract to live a life of service and anonymity in the United States. During all of this, visions, dreams, and synchronicities led him to an in-depth study of dreams and symbols and to meeting his ‘twin flame’, Christiane Muller, who became his wife.

His profound angelic encounters and dream work led to his emergence as an international spiritual teacher presenting in more than 12 countries around the world, Kaya’s a world renowned dream interpreter that has spent over 17 years researching the topic. His books have been sold in over 31 countries.

Newly transformed, KAYA co-founded UCM with his wife Christiane Muller, a non-profit organization to support his mission with over 400 volunteers worldwide they are devoted to sharing his inspiring works. Considered by many to be a modern Sage, KAYA now infuses his gifts as a performer and spiritual teacher to bring his transcendent message to the world, along with his wife Christiane.

“One Dream can change your Life.”

Soul Love spoke with KAYA about the meaning of dreams, angels and the impact of music.

Soul Love: You have co-founded UCM, Universe/City Mikaël. Can you explain this name to us and what inspired you to start this organization.

KAYA: Michael is for the archangel Michael (Mikaël) and Universe City is to learn to marry spirit and matter, because the work that I have been broadcasting and presenting throughout the world is an extraordinary work of spiritual autonomy that brings us to the capacity to really embrace our spiritual nature, embrace our angelic nature, our angelic consciousness to be able to manifest ourself concretely and learn about all the spiritual aspects that we have in ourself. For me an angel is the perfect symbol to represent a dreamer and to represent humans that have the capacity to travel in the multi dimensions of the universe and of their own consciousness. We are all angels in training and I truly believe that we are not only humans and we are really here for a special purpose and the more you learn about symbolic language the more you learn about astral travel and the capacities that we have to connect to ourself and to receive our own answers. When we embrace our angelic consciousness we will have no more limitations on the physical plane because we have the capacity to really embrace our metaphysical powers and special abilities. Through our foundation and our non-profit organization Universe/City Mikaël, my wife and I teach together with all the people that we have trained. In the last years we also use a clinic with our doctors and facilities here in Quebec, Canada, where we help people to understand the nature of their problems, the nature of the root, the essence, through the memories, because with symbolic language we can go back to the beginning of thought, we can go back to the concept that we have in ourself. We can use symbolic language to analyze our dreams and we can use the same language with symbols to analyze our day-to-day realities.

the book of angelsSL: Why would we start interpreting our own dreams?

KAYA: My past goes back about 18 years ago as I started to receive 10-50 dreams per night, that was very intense. A lot of nightmares. And at the same time very troubling but simultaneously it was fascinating for me. I was not imagining all the symbols that I was receiving, it was impossible. Things that I had never seen, people, places so it was obvious for me that we have a direct connection with God, with the source. For me God is like a living computer with pure wisdom and love and consciousness and we live inside that living computer. One day we will understand that for synchronicities and everything that happens in our life is a profound reason. I truly believe that the essence of our evolution is to only develop qualities and to experiment, to to expand our consciousness through those experiments.

We have the possibilities to visit our own inner computers so we can visit the memories that accumulate all the time from past experiences, and simultaneously we can understand our present time and we can anticipate the future. It will help us to continue our life program and the learning process that we have to do, so situations are there to only create experiences in ourself and in this way we can understand and learn to choose between good and evil. We can understand this and eventually we raise to a level of awareness and of wisdom that brings us to always choosing easily the right choice and the choices that bring pure happiness in our life. It is a beautiful journey and we can also learn to de-dramatize the dreams that we have.

SL: Can we also influence our own dreams?

KAYA: Oh yes, we have infinite possibilities. When we open ourselves more to our dreams to empower the world we will learn that. If we are not strong enough in our consciousness, values and principles, we can end up in a psychiatric hospital, because we see our own fears. This is why this potential is really the door to another level of evolution. We all have the potential to dream, even if we don’t seem to remember our own dreams. But to remember all that information is extraordinary. Once you understand the information that you receive, you will be able to accelerate your evolution and you can cleanse your karma in the dreams. Dreams are the highway of evolution.

It is very easy to trigger our dreams just with angels. I have lots of students who never received any dream in their entire life and after 2-3 weeks of using mantras with angels, the dreams started. You receive your own answers within yourself.

My main goal is to bring spiritual autonomy to people. When you have your own dreams, you just need to learn how to decode them and then you can have your own guidance and you can even influence them.

kaya labelSL: You have said: My music is all about communication: sharing, embracing the same values.  Music is there to help people and I have the possibility and the talent to do that. Can you explain in what way you can help people with your music?

KAYA: I don’t see myself as a singer anymore. I think I have never been a singer. Music for me was just a way to help people and to share emotions and to help people think about their life and about who they are. This has always been in me, that approach of music.

We listen to music and just with one song we can change ourself completely and we can shift from one state of consciousness of being tired, to another one of being in great shape. Nothing happened, you didn’t do anything and with just one song you can feel energized. Music is very, very powerful because it connects with our spirit and it changes our frequencies and this is the way I approach music now.

All artists are messengers of the soul and we have a responsibility with the message that we bring to others. And if we don’t bring a positive message, we create reaction and we can change people’s life in a bad way. So the influence is very important and we should always have the antidote. There is nothing wrong to talk about negativity in a song but we need one line at the end that is the antidote. And if we do that, we are helping people. But if we don’t give the antidote we can make people feel sick and they will try to focus and think like that and they play the same song over and over and they might even become suicidal. We have no idea how powerful music is. It’s like eating. If you eat well, you know where the food comes from and that it’s organic, you know it will be good for your health. But the same is true for music, movies and images. It can bring us health and happiness on all levels.

“We are all here to develop qualities and to become better souls.”

SL: What have you learned so far during this journey?

KAYA: Through all the knowledge that I have in dream interpretation and with symbolic language, I have found a true and simple message, which is that we are all here to develop qualities and to become better souls. And if you focus on qualities, then you will find happiness. Because most of the people now, they mix qualities and inner states with concrete results. And if they don’t have those results they are not happy, but that’s the other way. We should always first have qualities. And if the results are not there, there’s no point not to be happy. You have learned something and you are better than before because you have learned that it doesn’t work to do it that way. It is like being a scientist. Scientists do an experiment and when they find something that doesn’t work, they say “This is great, as we have found that this way of functioning creates that result.” And then no one is going to go that way anymore. Their results are just a process of going somewhere and it is the process of knowing what is right. This is the way we should think. Of course we are happy when there is a positive result, but we should be happy the most about what we have learned and what we have become. This will stay with us for the rest of our life and our lives. It’s the educational process that is interesting and not what we do or what we achieve.

SL: What inspires you most?

KAYA: I have an angelic consciousness and I love to be aware of everything because I see negativity as a process of experimentation, so I have a completely different view of what is going on in the world than what most people have and I see it more in the big picture and everything is connected for me.

So when I watch the news, I watch it with an angelic awareness and I think “What are God’s plans? What is the meaning of this negative event? What is it going to trigger after that? What is going to happen?”

Since the 50’s when have a completely new system in place and countries have become like people. They are talking and they are meeting and we have never had such a high level of diplomacies in the past. Partly because of technology and exchanges in business and there is an international connection. I think that we are just learning to understand that we are all connected and that we all have an impact on each other. It is of course a long process and it might not always be very positive. But the greedy attitude becomes less and less. Even some rich people start to become shy of being rich and that is something I am very happy about. Of course there is nothing wrong with being rich, but if you create an imbalance, it won’t just impact your own life but also that of other people, because they don’t have much because of you. This is why we have poor countries and even terrorists as they look at the way how our rich societies develop itself and say “This is wrong” and this is creating sadness and damage in many countries. It is of course not the right attitude and this is far from the ‘Gandhi attitude’, but it creates another way of changing the world. When the awareness and consciousness is sufficiently open, we are ready to make peaceful changes. But you cannot have results when somebody is not ready. And the world is like a person, it undergoes a process of evolution and this is taking time.

SL: What is according to you the single most important thing that has to happen to make this place a better world?

KAYA: I think we need to go back to the essence of life which is our children. Most of the time, the education they receive from society including their parents. We are not sufficiently aware that they can be polluted by the lack of knowledge of what is right and what is wrong. Of course we all know what is right and what is wrong, but if you are in a negative energy you don’t know anymore what is right or wrong. And if you take a moment and you talk with the children and you ask them about positivity, they will say “You are right, this is not positive”. It is often so obvious but we have the tendency to focus on the external symbols in our life.
So I think that to have a better world is to have education which is more based on metaphysical aspects and qualities.

For information, please visit Kaya’s website: kayadreams.com or ucm.ca


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