Soul Love met with Michel Montecrossa and they spoke about peace, love and about the Boston Marathon learnings. Michel’s profound message was spoken in kind and soft words, just like the man himself, and we encourage you to read this extraordinary interview.

Michel-Montecrossa-at-FestivalMichel Montecrossa is a German artist and founder of Mirapuri, the City of Peace and Futureman in Europe. Next to being a musician, Michel is also an author, painter and filmmaker.
In his work, Michel expresses his free intellectual commitment and feeling for life.
His music has its origin in the highest creative consciousness and it expresses the joy, love, peace, tenderness and the happy feeling of life coming through consciousness expanding experience.

Michel Montecrossa grew up in a liberal, open-minded artistic, environment. His father, in his early years, played violin in Memphis and his mother was choir singer in Vienna.
Due to the openness of his art-interested parents and their travelling spirit, Michel was exposed to music at a young age and his parents recognized his artistic talent, which expressed itself at the early age of six through painting, poetry and music and continued to unfold through self-study of piano, guitar and harmonica, which enabled him from twelve years onwards to appear on stage.

Soul Love: You call yourself “The Golden Voice and Artist of Peace, Power, Love and Happiness”. What is it that makes you so passionately devoted to actively spread this message?

Michel Montecrossa: This comes all from my soul. It’s something which I feel deeply about and I am born with. I always followed this through my childhood, this kind of hidden voice which said “Follow the good in life, follow this aspiration for peace and love and understanding.” And as I grew older this aspiration stayed and grew even stronger and I developed a wish to come into contact with people who share the same values and the same aspiration. I met many new friends and they deeply enriched my life. Later on, I decided I would not stay in this ‘normal’ life, but use every talent to build a place where people can join this effort of expressing love and happiness and the deeply creative peace in our daily lives. It took some years to take shape and this is what we now call the ‘Mirapuri Project’. It is a community of friends, an environment where people have chosen to live in peace, with a progressive attitude and also want to give something very valuable to their children, they can come together and contribute to this effort. I call it ‘Love in Practice’.

SL: What does love mean to you?

Michel-Montecrossa-at-his-atelierMM: Love means union, it means sharing, it means oneness at its highest level. I am happy enough to share this with Mirakali, she is my ‘regina’ with whom I live in a state of loving oneness. We have two beautiful children who are very independent and enjoy the love in a way we all understand. Love has many faces and the more open you are the more you understand love because you can feel it, you can live it with others. One of the first actions of love is to protect life. Therefore, love is the answer to war and to rape and to those who are involved in such acts as they can still return to their own original state which is pure love. We believe that this would be a better solution than just punishment and revenge, which causes only more hatred. This might be needed in the world like it is today but it is certainly not needed in the future world which we can start building now.

“Darkness is only an appearance and part of the butterfly effect in our evolution towards a United States of Planet Earth.”

SL: Poet Ralph Waldo Emerson wrote: “To be yourself in a world that is constantly trying to make you something else is the greatest accomplishment.” How can we maintain our unique self?

MM: I believe that everyone comes to this earth with his own knowledge, but it is somewhat hidden, but in its origin it’s already there. And either you find it yourself or something happens to you, sometimes it is even an accident which generates a breakthrough. And you will then better understand who you are. Or sometimes you need someone who takes the time, has the compassion and simply the deep love for you which also shows you who you rather would like to be; the love and not the hate.

In my own case it started with my parents and I was fortunate enough to have good teachers who had something to say in this direction. I also came in contact with philosophy and psychology and got to meet very interesting people and one of them was Mira Alfassa who was also a great artist and philosopher of her own kind. We came together regularly and developed the idea for the Mirapuri project. This has affected my life tremendously and changed my inner compass, and the needle now always points towards love.

“The politician of today should be a girl and seventeen years old.”

SL: Your latest song Talking Boston Marathon Learning is a call for action against self-radicalization.
To use a question from your own lyrics: What changed them from the good to the bad? And how can we influence this?

peaceMM: I am about to give you a very tricky answer now. It is basically the freedom which is given to us. We live in a universe which is based on freedom; freedom of choice and each one of use has to continually choose between the right and the wrong, the good and the bad, because we have this freedom of choice. It is only then, once we have chosen that things are decided, but before that it is completely open. I believe that we are all born as a good person. But one day, probably very early in our lives we have been coming to a situation where we have to decide; good or bad. And it’s good that we have the freedom of choice, but we also have to accept that making a wrong choice can create evil things with serious consequences. We all want freedom and it is good that we are free, but the true freedom is not that which pushes us around. True freedom is when you are able to decide in full consciousness and therefore I would say, what changes it from good to bad is the lack of consciousness. Now, we are not really able to decide, we are pushed by certain influences which are not our own. They are just stronger than our own power of decision. And so, gradually we are talked into something which is no longer our own thought or will and then we can become radical and extreme.

This is the beginning, but here is also the answer. If too little consciousness and awareness is the source of your incapacity, then education will be a great help. There should be an educational level which is supporting you as a young person to find a true basis for building your good character. And there are many attempts in that direction but certainly not enough. Humanity evolves at such a speed that educational systems and much more the educational ideas and philosophies have to grow at the same speed as humanity does. They have to be totally modern and visionary, otherwise the educational system will always lack behind.

I am in contact with people from many different nations and cultures and I see that so many young people who are very optimistic at heart and have such a brilliant and beautiful ideas for their future, but they often get confused and confusion is not a good basis for growing in consciousness, because it immediately starts to re-act and you no longer act yourself. This is exactly what I also try to communicate through my songs and books wherever it can reach someone. I wish for everyone to be a bit more happy, more hopeful and let’s stay in communication, stay in friendship. It could be the answer to self-radicalization, like what happened during the Boston Marathon.

SL: What do you see as positive developments right now?

MM: I see it everywhere and to give you one example is the focus in America on further researching neuroscience. Neuroscience really is the physical basis of consciousness. Our children are already very different than the older generation. The world might look dark at times, but that is only an appearance and part of the butterfly effect in our evolution towards a United States of Planet Earth. And our future politicians must be our new astronauts with a much more open vision in stead of using their opportunistic awareness. The politician of today should be a girl and seventeen years old. The true power in human society are the people and they are much bigger than they are made to believe.

Mirapuri-and-the-New-ConsciousnessSL: Who is your hero?

MM: I look up to our the highest force, some would call it God, which essentially is ‘the laugh of God’. This is my hero. And I admire people who have much of this laugh in themselves and are keen of expressing it.

SL: Do you have a final message for us?

MM: Stay true to yourself and understand that the answers are within yourself. If you are lucky enough to look there deeply, you will be a very happy person because you will find your soul and in your soul are all the answers, and these answers are reflected in every other being. Now, you will be able to live in complete harmony with others.

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