Globally, nearly 1 out of every 5 children of primary-school age are not in school, 40% of secondary-age children don’t attend school, and even more do not have the opportunity to pursue higher education. Poverty is a principal cause.

Givology is about to chance that, together with your interaction. This is a 100% volunteer-run social enterprise – they connect you to grassroots education projects and student scholarships around the world. From teacher training and school lunch programs to library construction and scholarships, they emphasize transparency and maximizing the impact per dollar given.

Givology’s vision is to make quality education accessible for all children. The big hearted professionals at Givology believe that education is the single most important and sustainable resource for individual empowerment, community advancement, and poverty alleviation. Through a network of grassroots partnerships, they strive to connect their network of donors with innovative, high-impact projects and scholarships that can transform local communities one at a time.

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Once you register for an account, you can check out the different student and project profiles on Givology. Once you add money to your Givology wallet, you can allocate it to the different education projects and scholarships that resonate with you. Givology makes giving also interactive – you create a community  and full experience around giving. Through a messaging function, you can send a letter to the students which will be translated and delivered.

Make an impact on kids around the world
We suggest that you check them out. By joining the Givology community and giving to a student or project, you can make a transformational difference in the life of a child and his or her community. The people at Givology are our Super Souls.

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