Sonia Choquette is the author of 19 international bestselling books on intuitive awakening, personal growth, creativity, and transformational leadership including the New York Times bestseller “The Answer is Simple, Love yourself, Live your Spirit.”

Sonia ChoquetteSonia is inspiring a global conscious movement around the truth that “We, as humans, are Divine Beings endowed with six senses to guide us through life” and insists that we must activate and rely on our innate sixth sense in order to make the most authentic, well-informed, healthy, and soul satisfying decisions possible.

Her work has been published in over 40 countries and in 37 languages, making her one of the most widely read authors and experts in her field in the world. She is also the host of her own weekly radio show Trust Your Vibes on Hay House Radio.

Sonia’s latest book is called “Tune In – Let your Intuition guide you to Fulfillment and Flow” and this title made us very curious that we wanted to speak with her. We are proud to present to you our inspiring and uplifting interview with Sonia Choquette.

Soul Love: Your latest book is called Tune In. We looked up a definition of intuition: “Intuition is the ability to acquire representation or knowledge about things, apparently without reasoning or usage of reason in general”. Where do we find our intuition and how can we practically access it?

Sonia Choquette: Reason is primarily the frontal lobe of your brain, but intuition comes from your first intelligence, the heart and it is the first organ of the body to develop, it is the energy that informs the rest of the body how to develop, so this is an intelligent organ. It has the capacity to pick up and respond to energy 5,000 times stronger than the intellect, because the intellect is tight into lots of filters that have to do with other people’s voices, your ego, your defenses. Your reason is a bit of a skiddish entity and it is also capable of lying. Your reason can talk you into things that aren’t true.

Your heart is not capable of lying, it’s very accurate. Even a simple technique will help you access your heart, like breathing in, relax and slowly breathing out and you open your ear and you will hear a click, you can literally feel like you’re opening up and you go right here [puts her hand on her chest] and ask “What does my heart say?” Because the heart and intuition are synonymous.

SL: Do you have a tip for us on how to strengthen our intuition?

SC: You can absolutely strengthen your intuition. Our fight – flight – freeze brain dominates our intuition. We’re always patrolling the borders, we’re waiting for an attack and we’re not quite secure; everything is potentially an enemy when it comes to the ego self.

I have a tool called ‘emptying the garbage’ which is basically emptying your fears. You will start looking what your random fears are, like “I am afraid that I’ll be wrong, I’m afraid of being hurt, I’m afraid of being disappointed, I’m afraid of being embarrassed, I’m afraid of being alone or I’m afraid I won’t be loved”. These are some of the dominant, common fears that are global. You just keep expressing your fears until you come up with no more. This will quiet your interrupting brain that’s filtering everything and pushing it out and you just take a breath and put your hand on your heart and close your eyes and say “My heart says” and then you answer out loud, that’s key. It’s very difficult to really grasp your intuition and to just listen and feel inside. But you can give your heart a voice and let the heart speak, out loud – “my heart says….”, and listen to what else your heart says… and fill in the blank, because the throat is the chimney of the heart.

Now you have to pay attention to not just what you are saying but also how the energy is affecting your body because intuition opens your energy field, where your intellect contracts it. Intuition rings through, where intellect is a bit of a struggle, it’s a position, it’s a stance. So it’s a very simple tool. Just start with noticing your fears and the more you name them, the paradox is that the more they begin to evaporate. When you then give voice to the heart on the other side of that, your intuition comes in pretty loud and clear. And now you have a choice, you can either listen to it or not, but at least give it a voice. You can choose to honour it afterwards. It’s now very difficult to pretend you didn’t know… You can pretend if you don’t give it voice, you can ignore it, but once you vocalize it, it’s very difficult to ignore it. And this is a huge tip for anybody!

SL: You make these solutions look quite simple, but if it were that simple why are there so many people still searching for all kinds of answers, for happiness and more fulfillment in their lives?

SC: Think of it this way. If you’re looking for something in the dark, it’s frustrating and difficult and you have a very big chance of not finding it, but if someone comes along and turns on the light, it’s right there. The tools that I bring are that faculty of intuition isn’t something you have to rewire, it’s a light and awareness of consciousness that illuminates your life in a different way, so it is simple once you know where to go to turn on the switch.

tune inSL: In your book “Tune In”, you explain the 4 important phases;
1. Wake-up call
2. Digging Deep
3. Taking a leap
4. Entering the flow
Can you explain each of those phases and tell us why these 4 phases are so important.

SC: Yes, the first phase is occurring to so many people in so many ways when there’s a disruption in your life. It can be a traumatic one, maybe you have a near-death experience, maybe you have a divorce, maybe you have a loss of your job or maybe you have an accident. It could also be more subtle like an inner angst or restlessness just becomes so big that you can hardly be in your own skin anymore. You will feel that it is time to get out of your head and get back to a more authentic connection to yourself. When that happens, the next thing that occurs is a natural spontaneous awakening and you will realize that there is more to you and more to life.

You will now enter the next phase – Digging Deep. This is where you start looking for evidence and direction. Coming to sites like Super Souls, reading my books or other books, turning on seminars, you begin to search, for evidence and support – there is something more.

After that, once you gain adequate evidence, you still have to make the choice. There is this point where you begin to elect, to choose and let the heart, the higher consciousness of you make your choices in stead of the ego consciousness which is always trying to leverage itself for the least amount of discomfort. Now you’re taking the leap and say to yourself “What the heck with it, I go with my heart, no matter the outcome because I am so miserable the other way”.

The leap might be something simple as “I can’t continue this relationship, it really isn’t resonating with my authentic self” or “I need to quit my job and look for something else”. There is an element of threat to your ego to take the leap. But when the inner self becomes nurtured it becomes a dynamic force, it’s bigger than those fears and controlling efforts. When you take that leap, you’re not leaping into the void but you’re leaping back into your authentic self, back home. That decision creates a whole new constellation of options. You can now make the choice that you will be living life through faith.

This will immediately feel much more energizing, there’s more opportunity and that’s called living in the flow, because ‘flow‘ means that you’re not thinking. You’re going with your heart intelligence. It’s less wear and tear on your body too and this can happen instantaneously – if you have been crawling around in the dark for 30 years and you turn on light, you will notice an immediate shift.

“You begin to take full responsibility for your life. You realize it’s mine to live and I can live by my own impulses in stead of just playing it safe and hoping that people either don’t hurt me too much or take care of me at best.”

SL: People sometimes think “It’s easy for those authors or teachers to say that because they are so experienced in that field. Can you tell us about something difficult in your life and how you got over it?

SC: First of all, it is an illusion that anybody who is writing is a master. We are just in the trenches reporting from the field. None of us are masters, we have just a little more experience. I have had tremendous difficulties and in fact the more conscious you are the more you will confront it. I have had difficulties in my marriage of thirty years and being separated right now for example. I had difficulties physically. I’ve had emotional difficulties and I tried to work them out by working out my energy with kickbacks and then I broke my kneecap. They are all lessons and by following my intuition I needed to allow myself to be more available to support, not so self reliant that I blocked a lot of coming in. Down the line this repaired my marriage which now is back on track.

You have to take a bigger view. Every single person I know that is reporting from the trenches has had equally difficult experiences. So it’s not that we’re immune to difficulty, we just know the tools that will help us to get through it in the most effective way. Everybody has a beating heart and this heart is a conscious intelligent, divinely guided organ, so there really is no one who is in doubt with more potential then you. As an individual that light in us is equal.

soniachoquetteSL: Your bestselling book is called “The answer is Simple… Love yourself, Live your Spirit”. What does Love mean to you?

SC: Love is an action, not a thought. It’s choices that honour and appreciate in value – your sweet spirit, your life, your ability to choose, to create, your physical need to be nurtured, to be appreciated by yourself. It’s a series of actions and choices that honour respect, appreciate and uplift who you are.

SL: And finally, what are some words that you live by, and why?

SC: My first mantra is “Don’t be right, be authentic”, but also “Always trust your vibes”, because intuition isn’t words, it’s energy that is trying to inform you and once you pay attention to that energy you can make choices that align with your authentic self.
Some other favourite words are “Forgive everybody, everything, every time, including yourself” and “Dance and sing a lot”. I mean surrender to the dance and your spirit will then completely take over and that’s very liberating. Singing opens the throat chakra, which is the chimney of the heart and it allows your authentic self to express.


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