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When Wayne Dyer first heard about Anita Moorjani and her Near Death Experience, he felt irresistibly called to do all that he could to get her compelling message out to the world. – During an event with Wayne Dyer in Canada in March 2011, Wayne described Anita’s profound Near Death Experience, which at that time already, made a deep impact on me.

Twelve months later, in March 2012, Wayne writes on his blog: “I have been deeply and profoundly touched by the contents of a new book coming out from Hay House this month”.

Anita Moorjani has become something of an international sensation since her book ‘Dying to be Me’ hit the New York Times bestsellers list only two weeks after its release in March 2012. She had experienced what most of us never have – she ‘crossed over’ and came back to share what she learned. Her extraordinary Near Death Experience and subsequent healing from end-stage cancer is one of the most amazing cases ever recorded. Reason enough for me to get in touch with Anita…

And again, exactly twelve months after her book hit the shelves, I met with Anita Moorjani in March 2013 for an amazing interview on Soul Love. Reading her book ‘Dying to be Me’ and my interview with Anita were two life changing experiences for me, it truly was, and I want to share the 3 ultimate lessons that I learned from Anita, which transformed my life.

1. I am perfect (Self Love)

Yes, probably like you, I had heard this one before and it never really sank in with me. But when Anita and I spoke about what our soul really is, I began to experience so much comfort, love and freedom — it was if her words softly touched my heart and it was a language it so clearly understood. I also instantly knew that her message was pure and genuine, probably because I deeply realized that her story is fully based on an extraordinary and life changing experience.

I have noticed that most of us keep searching outside of ourselves for answers, in religion, medicine, in studies about nutrition, books and with other people. We believe that the truth is somewhere out there, but by doing this we’re only getting more and more lost and are moving away from who we truly are because all the answers already lie within us. The entire universe is within us. All we ever have to do is realizing that we are perfect, being ourselves and allowing things to unfold, without judgement or feeling that we are flawed. We are beautiful children of the Universe and we don’t have to achieve anything to deserve this. We will now become our own guru who will guide us from a place of truth and love.

Speaking about self love… A dear friend of mine had another beautiful experience after reading Anita’s book. I like to share a part of her story with you:
“When she described her fear of cancer it was like reading my own biography. I have read every book on cancer prevention, watched every video about what foods I should eat, my freezer was always full of wheatgrass juice (I spent $800 every six months for a daily supply) and I had a drawer in my kitchen that was stuffed with every supplement and tincture you can think of to prevent cancer. I drank teas and super food juices and I pretty much drove every person in my life crazy preaching about everything carcinogenic.

When I closed her book I was literally cured of my phobia. I sat and stared out the window into the darkness of the night and couldn’t believe what I had just learned. I felt the transformation physically, mentally, emotionally, spiritually and I can honestly say that I had never felt so clear and aware of who I am, who I had become from years of conditioning and how I reached this place in my life.”

anita moorjani

2. My focus is my reality

During our conversation, Anita told me: “I like to try an experiment with you. I want you to look around the room and find things that are green. It can be anything, drapery, wall pattern etc. and I want you to count them in your mind. Do you see anything green? [Yes, I did].
Now, I want you to close your eyes and I want you to recall how many things you can think of that were the colour red?” I had to laugh out loud now, as I felt being tricked. Anita continued: “Okay, open your eyes and look around. Did you miss a lot?” Of course I did and the message rang through, loud and clear! Whatever we focus on, expands and becomes our reality.

Knowing this, we better focus on the things that will nourish us, will make us happy and will make us whole. For many of us this is not always easy because we live in a world where a lot of negativity is being communicated on a daily basis. This is one of the main reasons that I have initiated Super Souls, just because there are so many individuals out there who have beautiful stories, experiences and lessons to share with all of us. It is so much healthier to choose to focus on something that you ‘are for’, in stead on something you ‘are against’. I will send my body a completely different message when I am ‘for the promotion of health awareness’ in stead of ‘being against cancer’.

3. Love literally heals

This is such a powerful one. The knowing of being Unconditional Love, literally and completely healed Anita from an end stage of cancer. In Dying to be Me she writes: “I understood that merely by being the Love I truly am, I would heal myself and others.”

There is also more and more scientific evidence available that our thoughts and feelings have an immediate impact on our physical wellbeing. Dr. Lissa Rankin for example, writes about the Scientific Proof that you can Heal Yourself. In the near future you will find more articles on Super Souls about this subject.

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