Amir Zoghi

Amir Zoghi (he calls himself the Intuitive Warrior) is an international speaker in the area of intuition, self awareness and human potential. His modern age philosophies teach others how to embody transformation and truth and experience inner freedom. Amir is a natural intuitive, sharing his wisdom through his writings, teachings and speaking on the stages of the world. He’s a master at expressing truly profound and authentic messages, delivered with absolute simplicity and clarity that anyone can relate to.

The reason that we wanted to have a conversation with Amir is that his work is first and foremost about living the Truth. He does not share acquired knowledge, he speaks in the flow from his direct experience of wisdom. His words support us to piece together the truth for ourselves through experiencing what we hear and feel. In that space of flow and authenticity, it gives others permission to also live their truth.

Soul Love: You’re an international speaker in the area of intuition, self awareness and human potential. Can you tell us a bit more about your background and what brought you to what you’re doing now?

Amir: I’ve been raised by a mom who’s very wise and intuitive, and as a joke my friends call her ‘The Oracle’ because she’s such a wise lady and I guess my mom planted a seed in my mind when I was very young. I’ve always been very interested in questions like “Why we are here, who are we really?” and finally enough I found myself working in the area of personal development.

I used to be around people like Tony Robbins and Brian Tracy and I became a promoter and had my own company promoting international speakers. I would always promote people that I felt had the next piece of the puzzle that I was looking for, but soon enough I felt that the piece that I was missing was me. I sold my company and did virtually nothing for the next 9-12 months and I just kept sitting there and thought: “I don’t want to do anything because I need to do it”. Even though I was doing what I loved to do, I didn’t want to do it because I needed to do it, I wanted to do it because I loved to do it.

So I watched my bank balance going down but I was really determined to find our purpose and ultimately I got to a place where I was very content and fulfilled what I realized, and naturally the next thing I felt to do was to start speaking in public. I have been speaking now for just over 6 years and I love it! I tour to many places, mainly between America and Australia and recently we’ve been putting a lot of my talks online too.

SL: Why do you promote the importance for people to reach their own potential and how do we recognize what our own potential is?

Amir: One of the things that I realized during my own journey is that I don’t think we came here to work for a living. It’s our birthright to be alive. So one of the things I realized is that I feel we didn’t come here to be limited, we came here to realize our potential, to realize who we are and to live infinitely in a finite world. The world may be limited but we are not. This is also my favourite subject to speak about because I believe that one of the things that is missing in the area of personal development is the rawness and realness – I wanted to make this stuff not only cool but I wanted to make it raw and very real because that’s when it becomes most relatable. My ambition has always been to speak about this in the most relatable and simple manner, because when something is relatable people go “I can do that too” or “I understand, I get what he’s talking about”. It’s all about being yourself.

Amir Zoghi in SydneyThe fastest way to realize our human potential in the most direct route, is in being ourselves. When most people think about their own potential they think “I need to have this, or I need to do this and I need to get there” and that’s the long journey to finally realize that you already had the human potential, and this potential is in you being you and not trying to be someone else. The greatest advise that has ever been given in humanity and the least advise taken is “Just do what you love and just be yourself”. We all give each other this advice but very few people can do that and that’s where your human potential is – in doing what you love, not because you need to but because you love to and doing it your way. The closest way to get to who you are is by being yourself.

SL: That’s so true Amir and very appealing to most of us, but how do we know that we are truly ourself and not our thoughts?

Amir: That’s a very good point and I’ll give you a very simple answer, but maybe difficult to realize –  When you are in your thoughts you will feel heavy, you don’t feel light and you always have an ambition to get somewhere, thinking like “If I get there, then I’m gonna feel better” and that’s what I call ‘an agenda’ – “If I learn this, if I can get there, if I can get enlightened and when people like me, then I will feel better”. But the thing is, love does not have an agenda, it just is.

When you are yourself you will feel naturally very light and present. People often ask me “How do I become more present?”, but presence is who you are and it is your natural state, but those people are trying to become present in the mind. If you just come out of your mind you naturally find the present moment. The funny thing is that you will also feel joyful or you feel love or you feel freedom here, right now. So the word ‘authentic’ to me means the one who is living in this moment without having an agenda, because the moment that you have an agenda, your thoughts have the agenda and your thoughts will be hijacking you – they hijack your heart and they go “This is what we’re doing”, either in the past or in the future.

Just be yourself and you’ll be living in the now, that’s you, you don’t even need meditation or others tools or techniques, you will naturally melt into the present moment. Many people are doing meditation (and nothing wrong with that because I love it myself) and they are trying to find that moment, and in the meditation they may find that moment but then they go in their everyday living and they are doing things that they need to, they’re doing things out of fear, they’re doing things out of resistance and of course then you have to sit down to meditate again.

SL: We read on your website: “Amir challenges the status quo with the Truth”. What is the truth?

Amir: Truth is such a deep and big and profound conversation to have and in fact everything that I speak about is about truth. I have a program called ‘The WTF Experience’, which stands for Wisdom, Truth and Freedom, but the reason I call it WTF Experience is when you realize the truth and you go “What the F**””, because it’s so profound.

“You are only alive when you are expressing the feeling that I call – Truth through your Body.”

Being yourself is allowing yourself with the truth, it’s connecting with your truth. Truth is so vast, it’s pure energy, it’s formless, it has no identity. People like to label the truth and say “The truth is Buddha or the truth is God”, but these are just manmade labels. The truth is that you cannot label the truth – You can realize the truth but you cannot know the truth. The moment that you have labeled the truth it is no longer the truth but a version of the truth. If you would label the truth as ‘light’, the moment you label it, it becomes the shadow of light. The shadow is connected to the light, but it’s not the light, not the truth.

butterflyThere’s a huge difference between being the truth and knowing the truth. A person who knows the truth can write about it, can speak about it and can tell everyone about it but they can’t necessarily live it. When you live the truth, it means that you ‘live who you feel to be’ and it is ‘to do what you feel to do’. It is being the person who you came here to be.

I like to ask people the question “Why are you alive?” and then people start thinking about what is it that they came here to do and they go up here [Amir points to his head] to think about why you’re alive, but you are only alive when you are expressing the feeling, the feeling that I call ‘truth through your body’. When the feeling is coming through your words, it’s coming through your actions, it’s coming through your creativity – that’s somebody being the truth and that’s where you experience your infinite human potential.

SL: Is that our intuition?

Amir: The intuition is the energy of the truth being expressed through you. You just realize that you’re feeling something and that is the truth vibrating inside of you – Intuition is the voice of truth.

People might often say “I don’t know why, but I just know” and what they are saying is “I don’t know any logic of why I should do this” but their feeling is speaking to them through a knowing. And the reason it speaks to you through a knowing and not through reason is because the truth doesn’t have reason, it doesn’t have an agenda. So when you intuitively do something you’re doing it because you feel to. And then the mind kicks in and says: “Oh, this is why I am doing this”, but there is no ‘why’ and there is no logic because I am doing this because I feel alive.

SL: We all love to read all kinds of inspiring books and literature, watch videos about the subject that interests us. Can you explain to me why that can potentially block us from taking action?

Amir: Good question and it has a very simple answer – The only self-sabotage happens when you’re doing something that is not true for you. How many times did you naturally find yourself doing something and you didn’t even try, it just happened without effort and you asked yourself: “How did that happen?” That’s because you didn’t decide, you just decided to follow the feeling that had already decided to do this and that’s what most people call ‘the intuition’.

Soul Love: Thank you Amir for sharing your innate wisdom in all simplicity with us!

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