holiday wishes

When we come closer to the end of the year, we have the tendency to slow down and let our thoughts wander a bit. It’s our moment of reflection – A newborn child, a dear one passed on, a changing relationship, global events – it seems that we allow ourself to open up more to feelings of happiness, gratitude, sadness, joy, appreciation and the most powerful one: Love! Personally, I love that, because I feel that it raises the level of caring and belonging, especially related to those around us. It confirms my knowing that ‘we are all one’.

2013 also marks the first year of our non-profit organization Soul Love (former: Super Souls) – It was a year full of kindness, love, beauty, caring and growing. Our stories, inspiring interviews and daily Facebook posts have made already an incredible impact on thousands of people. And recently, a group of passionate volunteers from all over the world gathered online to further help spread the message of kindness, love, gratitude and peace. If you want to be part of this amazing experience, please contact us.

It’s time, more than ever before, to share the Love. But where do you start?
Why don’t you start with you! It’s often easy for us to give, but how well can you receive? Your own Love? The Love from those around you? To help you realize what Love means to others, I have quoted some of the most inspiring people that were part of last year’s interviews.

india arieI see Love as the energy that comprises everything and I see it as the most powerful energy in the Universe. ~ India.Arie

anita moorjaniYou are just pure essence, pure Love. When you can see somebody for their essence and not for their layers and layers of conditioning… that’s Love! ~ Anita Moorjani

lilou maceLove feels like peace to me – reciprocity the willingness to show up in a relationship. Less and less judgement that I have towards myself and others, the openness. It’s all part of Love. ~ Lilou Macé

neale donald walschLove to me is the complete abrogation of the self, the loss of the self, utterly and totally and completely. ~ Neale Donald Walsch

tijn touberThe way I experience and feel Love is related to safety, security and being myself at every level. I experience the deepest feeling of security when I feel connected with the Creator, the Source. ~ Tijn Touber

moojiWe are not connecting with Love – we are Love, just like we are not living life – we are life. Love is our essential being. ~ Mooji

sonia choquetteLove is an action, not a thought. It’s a series of actions and choices that honour respect, appreciate and uplift who you are. ~ Sonia Choquette



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