Lindsay MarinoLindsay Marino is an international intuitive, spirit medium and Reiki master. After losing the love of her life in a tragic accident, Lindsay’s heartache turned into a spiritual awakening and her gift was uncovered. She started receiving messages from him and was taught how to live the life she was meant to live. When she received this healing, she prayed to be able to help others connect to their Loved Ones, and that’s where it all began…

Soul Love: On your website you inform your readers “Let your layers unfold and focus within”. Can you explain to me what you mean by that?

Lindsay: Before my fiancé Nick passed away, I always gave myself to so many people and I was actually drained because I was giving so much energy. I love helping people but I almost didn’t know how to balance loving myself and giving energy to other people. I didn’t understand this well and after Nick passed away I started to really focus on myself. At that time I thought that I would be selfish but I don’t even consider it selfish anymore. I think that what you are vibrating inside, vibrates out and I feel that when I am a better person inside, really digging deep, kind of uncovering what’s going on inside and observing my feelings and being okay with that and being my authentic self that this actually helps others.

So through this journey, I have done so many different things – I was trying to connect to Nick, but it really came back to me in this spiritual journey that learning to connect with the other side actually turned me inwards – I would do meditations, I would do past life regressions and I was almost like an onion and taking off layers.

I often also see it like a rose opening up and sometimes it’s so tightly closed and you don’t even realize it at that time but then layers just fall off and that’s okay and it’s good! At first it might not feel so comfortable but the big thing with me is ‘letting your light shine’, because I wouldn’t even have thought to have my own radio show right now. I would have thought: “Well, you know I have my ideas but I’m going to sit back and observe and learn from others only and I am not going to share my viewpoint” because I don’t want people to think that I’m coming off as “oh I know it all”, but it’s not like that, It’s like Anita Moorjani who talks about when you are your authentic self, you give other people permission to be their authentic self and that’s what I feel is happening.

“Intuition is about choosing love over fear”

I have received messages from people that I had no clue believed in intuition and connecting with others from the other side and they’ve sent me messages saying “thank you so much because I’ve been scared of this” or “I didn’t want to tell anyone but I am intuitive and it’s almost like just by being me it’s giving people permission to be themselves or even ask questions”.

SL: How do we learn to tap into our intuition?

Lindsay: What you really do is choosing ‘love over fear’. We fear a lot and we worry and different things come up about that. It’s important to pay attention to the first feeling that you have in your heart – paying attention to the signs, I actually made a video (see below) about this. Paying attention to signs is a huge thing – being aware and paying attention to the details around you.

You might be walking down the street and you’re looking down on your phone and you miss the sign but another time you’re walking down the street and you don’t have your phone with you and all of a sudden something will pop out at you – for example, when the Universe wants you to slow down it will find a way to make you slow down. So it might be a sign that says ‘yield’ or ‘slow’, but it can be anything and it happens exactly when you need to hear it and you just have that feeling of knowing and it’s undeniable. It’s like there is a vibration in the room and you know that when you walk in the room you have a feeling that you’re meant to talk to this one person or you’re meant to move to one area rather than the other. So paying attention to the signs is very important.

Automatic writing also improves your intuition and journalling and paying attention to what your higher self is telling you. It’s not always about ‘how to’ but once you pay attention to this, when you talk to someone or when you read something, it opens up this light in your soul and you understand that it is possible.

SL: You also write: “Lindsay uses her energy to connect with your spirit, to help and guide you and living your best life. She taps into your soul and connects with your loved ones and guardians to pass on messages of love, to help you heal”. Tell me more because I am getting curious.

Lindsay: I started learning about Reiki and healing myself and healing others and the things that come up when giving these readings which is absolutely amazing.

I can either do a Skype, phone, in person or group reading and I don’t want to know any information at all, they don’t need to tell me anything. I start to sense an energy around them and they give me evidence that their loved ones are around and then this is confirmed by the person that is receiving the reading and the person on the other side, the loved one, delivers me messages to let them know they’re still around but also to guide them in their life.

Many people are fearful to hear certain information but I always ask them if they want to know everything. My mentor, Lisa Williams, she is a TV personality, an international medium and she is one of the biggest mediums in the world – she chose 28 mediums out of over 500 to work with her and I had a great opportunity to work with her which was a life changing shift for me. Lisa always asked the people “do you want to know everything?” and the people that walk out of the readings are blown away and I am too every time I give a reading. The biggest message from the loved ones is that they want us to live a full life.

I also tap into different things like they might need a little bit more water or they might need to pay attention to the cramping in their muscles and stretch out their muscles as they’re exercising. There are different intuitive pieces that come up during distance healing. When I am doing a distance healing, I often feel the energy from my feet. It’s like the energy flows from my feet through my hands. Distance healing is just like saying a prayer and the vibration of the words and the intention of everything going out goes to that person which is absolutely so beautiful.

Lindsay is also writing a very inspirational book about her intuitive experiences and the amazing connection she has with her fiancé who was killed in an accident. Subscribe to our newsletter (below) and we will inform you when her book becomes available.

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