practical oneness

“All differences in this world are of degree, and not of kind, because Oneness is the secret of everything.” – Swami Vivekananda

So often, we think of oneness as an abstract concept or a goal to be achieved sometime down the road. Oneness is a state of being our hearts long for beyond duality. It is a spiritual aspiration of unity many of us know about with our intellect and pray for as a future condition. It is a way to experience life that would be wonderful, someday….

What if oneness were more than a far-off destination? What if we all were able to live in oneness right here, right now? Might we awaken to that ever-evolving state of one becoming all becoming one? We can through living a life of practical oneness.

Oneness sounds like a lofty metaphysical state of being–a Holy Grail of consciousness and awakening. Indeed, the realization of oneness underlies spiritual traditions globally. On our journeys of personal evolution, these glimpses of oneness whack the kaleidoscopes of our lives to a new perspective. This forever changes our experience.

Here is the secret to live in oneness no matter what, every moment of every day. Know that you truly are, as Alan Watts so profoundly stated, “…as much continuous with the physical universe as a wave is continuous with the ocean.” Each of us is offering essential contributions to the collective field of consciousness, the noosphere, the Universe, God, Goddess, and the Divine under every name, regardless of our daily experiences. That is a big deal!

Each of us is a significant contributor through our individual lives to the condition of the whole. What do you want to contribute to that energy? How do you want to influence life? If you think that you are not important, start embracing the idea that you are essential to the creation of a better world for us all.

Practical oneness is living life knowing that we are not perfect, yet honoring the sacred opportunity to offer our way of being as a gift to us all. This change in perspective forces us to question: Does getting mad while driving in traffic seem like a good idea? Would we rather contribute a sense of calm to the universe? Perhaps consider that we accommodate what is, as we drive in traffic and go from there. Find ways to make that act a pleasant, enlivening experience in the privacy of your vehicle, with something like music you love or an audio program or book to enhance your life. Sense the difference in how those two options feel. The act is the same, driving in traffic. The energy of your choice of approach to the experience is entirely different. Which would you like to contribute to the Divine?

Another facet of practical oneness is to intentionally select how we act, knowing that we have power to influence and encourage the collective. What we choose to bring into our lives really does makes a difference. What if you decide to only purchase non-GMO food for a month? Or take a break from watching violent media from news to movies for a month? Remember, just like a small mosquito in a large room, our individual choices influence the whole greatly.

Finally, remember that each of us is a unique part of the whole, just like every being on this planet. When you consider that everyone is a star, each with their own orbit, it becomes obvious that we need to honor each other’s individual path and not interfere with another’s journey, whether we agree with them or not. The greatest way to influence the universe is to be the highest and best you possible through living a life of practical oneness.

The time is upon us to help raise consciousness to the next level. We are the ones who chose to be here now. As the Roman philosopher and statesman, Seneca, said a millennia ago, “We are members of one great body, planted by nature…. We must consider that we were born for the good of the whole.”

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Noted medical intuitive, Cristina Smith is a Subtle Energy specialist and author. Her writings, sessions and programs skillfully weave proven techniques and profound wisdom from the subtle energy realms of healing and the esoteric into ways to make your life better now. You may contact her at and also find her ©2014 Cristina Smith. All rights reserved.

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