We’re so excited to present to you our exclusive interview with the intelligent, funny and passionate Dr. Joe Dispenza. You might have seen Joe in the highly interesting documentary-style film ‘What the Bleep do we Know?’ Or you might have read ‘Evolve Your Brain’ or ‘Breaking the Habit of Being Yourself’. Joe Dispenza just came out with his latest book called You are the Placebo. Once I started reading the book, I couldn’t stop and had to finish it that same day!

Joe asks the question: “Is it possible to heal by thought alone—without drugs or surgery?” The truth is that it happens more often than you might expect.  Belief can be so strong that pharmaceutical companies use double- and triple-blind randomized studies to try to exclude the power of the mind over the body when evaluating new drugs.

In our interview we get personal and talk about Joe’s fascination for this highly interesting subject, about how the placebo effect works in our body and how meditation can be used as an effective tool to create your own placebo effect…

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