About six months ago, a friend mentioned the MIR-method to me – a unique method that activates the self-healing powers of the body by applying the laws of nature.  I really liked what I was reading and in the next eight weeks or so I heard more people speak about this self-healing method and so I became even more curious.  I decided to apply it to my own body, and secretly, I liked the fact that there was no financial impact to start practicing it.

The MIR-Method was developed by the Dutch Mireille Mettes.  Mireille is a holistic therapist and worked for several years with patients with allergies.  She could help heal many people but some continued to have symptoms.

Mireille then discovered that a lot of the complaints stemmed from emotional events.  This made her even more determined to find a solution to let go of these past emotional events.

After extensive research and detailed testing Mireille developed a 9-step plan called “The MIR-method (Mental and Intuitive Reset)”.  In the Russian language “MIR” means both “world” and “peace” and that’s exactly what this inspiring woman aims to achieve: world peace!  She believes that every person who applies the MIR-method, heals himself from the inside out and will experience inner peace.  The more people who do this, the more people who will start living from their hearts and this will eventually result in raising the global collective consciousness.

Interview with Mireille Mettes

Mireille Mettes & Inge RinsemaI look forward to meeting this woman because I secretly admire her and I want to know what she really is like.  When Mireille opens the door, I immediately feel her powerful energy – she radiates confidence and authenticity and I feel at home right-away.  During the interview, I experience her contagious enthusiasm and I get even more excited about the philosophy behind the MIR-method.

Inge Rinsema: Why were you so determined to offer people a self-healing method?

Mireille Mettes: I’ve always been a teacher and I really like to help people gain more knowledge.  Since my study naturopathy, I have been able to help people cure their allergies, but that wasn’t enough for me.  I love to explore new areas, do in-depth research, apply my medical knowledge, perform tests and use my intuition.  As a result of all of this I have been able to develop the MIR-method and it’s a true bonus because I can now provide people with a self-healing tool.

Inge: What is the MIR-method exactly and how does one apply this?

Mireille: The MIR-method offers relaxation to the unconscious mind by using a very powerful technique:  “The touching of the skin”.  The skin, the largest organ of the body, is extremely sensitive to stimuli and is capable of communicating a lot of information with the brain.  To be touched in a pleasant way is heavenly and has healing powers at the same time.

During the MIR-method you stroke yourself on the back of your hand while speaking out loud the 9 steps.  These steps are affirmations which I developed while performing muscle tension tests together with my clients.

Inge: What are those 9 steps and how do they impact us?

Mireille: These are the 9 steps:

  1. Optimize acidity – It’s important for our organs to keep the acidity (pH) level balanced: the heart, brains, muscles, joints, eyes, etc.  When the pH is out of balance, these organs will function not optimally, which ultimately will result in physical complaints.
  2. Detox all toxicity – This step is related to the cleansing of the body – detoxing the body.
  3. Detach father – Detach mother – It’s a very natural process to detach yourself more from your parents.  When you are still attached to their opinion or their demands, it means that you are giving your power and energy away.  We see that happening very often.
  4. Clear meridians – The meridians in our body form a complex, circular system.  When emotions cause a blockage or disturbance in the meridians, it will have an effect on the entire body.  Clearing the meridians then ensures that the blockages are removed, making the entire meridian system flow freely again.
  5. Supplement all shortages – The body contains a supply of vitamins, minerals and other nutrients which are not always absorbed correctly by the cell walls.  By speaking out loud this affirmation the body will start repairing itself and therefore correct any shortages.
  6. Balance hormone system – The endocrine system and the nervous system are the only two ‘control mechanisms’ that the body has to recover its stability (homeostasis).  The nervous system observes and reacts.  The endocrine system is able to initiate new chemical processes through smart messenger substances in different parts of the body.  When the endocrine system is disrupted it derails the balance in the hormone system.  Through this step, you can again restore the balance.
  7. Fulfill basic needs – Everything we’ve ever missed as a child, for example the basic needs like encouragement, safety, love, acceptance, being understood etc. directly affects the health of our body.  The body is able to replenish itself when saying this affirmation.  It will generate a deep inner peace, because the search for these basic needs can now be ended.
  8. Optimize chakras and aura – By instructing your subconscious mind to optimize the chakras and aura, you give them permission to optimize the flow of energy again.
  9. Clarify mission – It will cost you a huge amount of energy and happiness if your life-purpose and direction are not clear.  Undertaking things on a daily basis which are not in line with who you really are will bring you down and by saying this affirmation you will subconsciously listen to that little voice within which truly knows who you are.

Inge: What was it like for you to come forward with the MIR-method?  It’s a relatively new approach and people might find it hard to understand.

Mireille: To be honest, I was really terrified of the responses I would get.  I thought that they would literally kick me out of this country [laughing].  That didn’t happen fortunately but I also didn’t expect the current success it has.  I recorded and published the video and thought: “Now I’m done with this! Now people can get to use it whenever they feel to”.  I really didn’t see the success coming but I am of course very happy with it.  It’s very rewarding to receive so many positive messages about what the MIR-method has done for them, it’s really inspiring to hear.  And it is my dream to realize a global reach and instill peace in each and everyone. I strongly believe this is possible!

Inge: Can you give me some examples of people’s experiences and healing?

Mireille: People’s diabetes has become very stable and their blood sugar levels dropped significantly after they did the MIR-method.  People with a high blood pressure now have a stable and healthy blood pressure again.

A woman with a chronic thyroid issue discovered that after three months of doing the MIR-method her body produced much less thyroid-stimulating hormones and she could therefore lower the medication.  You can find more of these examples on my website: mirmethod.com.  I write new and inspiring articles on a weekly basis and when you sign up for my newsletter, you will receive them automatically.

Inge: Is the MIR-method also effective for people with an addiction?

Mireille: Yes the MIR-Method is very suitable for people with addictions.  The premise of the method is to create more self-love. This is especially important for people with addictions.

Before you start with the steps, admit to yourself that you have an addiction.  You’re not an addict, but you have an addiction to let’s say smoking, shopping or alcohol.  Below is a video in which I explain the process.

Inge: I have been doing the MIR-method myself, together with two of my three children.  We started with step 5 & 7 and after that, steps 1 – 9 for four weeks.  After two weeks both my children and myself experienced some detox symptoms.  Initially I didn’t realize it was related to following the steps, but reading the emails I receive from you, I began to see the relationship.  It was very surprising and exciting.

Since I finished the method I truly feel more balanced and more at ease and even my monthly female issues are less impacting me.  My children feel more relaxed and achieve better in their daily lives, which is very positive for them.

Mireille: I am really happy to hear this and this is what makes my work so rewarding.  I truly hope you will even feel better in the near future since the effects will will impact your body for over 19 months after you stopped.

Keep using all the steps as long as you feel to.  Maybe there’s something that makes you nervous or you have a physical complaint, just stroke your own hand from a place of love and repeat the 9 affirmations.

More information about the MIR-Method can be found on: MirMethod.com


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