Dr. Joe Dispenza Interview | Soul LoveAs I am walking into the large conference room of a Vancouver hotel and look several participants in the eye, I can’t help noticing my curiosity – “What drives all these people to register for Dr. Joe Dispenza’s Progressive Workshop? Is it the growing hunger to learn more about the new science that surely shakes the foundation of our beliefs and therefore our perception of reality? Or is it the deep desire to completely heal from a chronic disease that one has been battling for a significant part of their life?” I am sure there are as many motivations as there are people in the room. This knowing by itself brings up a strong feeling of oneness within me. I can’t help feeling my heart glow and smile…

“Does your environment control your thinking or does your thinking control your environment?”

Most people perceive their lives unconsciously

Do you get up each morning and consciously create a new life? I bet you don’t because most of us don’t. We perform the same actions over and over again, demonstrate the same behaviours and we love to do the things we know we’re so good at. This is our life. This is what we know and feel comfortable with, so why change?

Dr. Joe Dispenza’s message is: “Why wait?” Why would you wait for anything to happen first before you change your life?

Because what if you don’t feel completely satisfied with your life? What if you start developing an illness, what if your boss pushes the same emotional buttons each day that you can’t cope with it anymore?

You now feel unhappy (to say the least) and you might begin to realize that your life maybe isn’t as great as you thought it was. What do you do now?

Joe explains and demonstrates that the more whole a person is, the less pleasures and other external events are needed for them to truly live a happy and fulfilling life, because everything you keep creating that isn’t real (that isn’t your own personal truth) falls away. Every time again.

Where you place your attention is where you place your energy

So if you learn to place your attention within, in stead of on things and events outside of you, you will now be able to start using your body as an instrument of consciousness – in stead of losing energy to what happens around you, you invest your energy in creating new and exciting possibilities that are true to you.

Joe continues to explain in great detail the science behind this theory. Personally, I find it fascinating to learn more about neuroscience and the physiological impact that our thoughts have on our body – so when you keep having the same thoughts over and over again, you can say that the body becomes the mind. Both our mind and our body are now programmed and addicted to the way we think.

Becoming no-body

When we begin to realize that our energy changes our biology, in order for us to change we literally begin to pull our mind out of our body.

joe-dispenzaWhen we’re truly present and in a ‘creative mode’, we are no longer trying to predict the future based on our past experiences, we are actually so present with what we’re doing that we forget about ourselves – there is no body, no things and no time. We are now pure consciousness. The moment we slip into that space, we move from being somebody into being no-body.

During the workshop we practice influencing our subconscious mind several times by going into a deep meditation and we learn to set a clear intention with an elevated emotion, which is greater than our past emotions that have kept us from being our magnificent self. The results were palpable.

The questions we might want to ask ourselves then are: “What is it that I want to take into my ‘new future‘ (the thoughts, behaviours, emotions) and what do I want to leave behind that does not fit into my ‘new future‘ self?

New Personality

By reconditioning the body and the mind, we start creating a new personality which will shape a new personal reality. ‘Happy thinking’ therefore doesn’t work because the body and the mind are in opposition (we think happy but our body still feels unhappy), but when you recondition both the mind and the body, you will start aligning them and your mind and body will move from ‘thinking’ based on past experiences, to ‘being’ a new you.

How cool is it to literally create the reality of your deepest desires and feel your body change accordingly?! By mastering this technique, you will truly become someone else, and that’s the person who is the mirror of your soul.

Dr. Joe Dispenza is a master in keeping everyone engaged throughout the entire weekend and that is quite unusual for a speaker. The combination of his humor, passion, knowledge and drive made a deep impact on me and also made me decide to sign up for his advanced workshop next spring in Arizona, because I love losing my mind!

If you like to learn more about Dr. Joe Dispenza’s work, you may want to read my interview with him here or visit his website: www.drjoedispenza.com


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