Although it might seemingly generate the same result, do you feel the difference in energy?


Every day, we are being bombarded with negative messages about the environment, violence, the economy, diseases, war and so on.  Personally, I feel that the intentions are mostly very well meant – we all crave living a loving and happy life, but we are conditioned (and hurt) in so many different ways that we have become fearful and lost touch with our own self – Now we start focusing on external circumstances and become even more fearful because we realize that we have little control over our external world.  And when we are immersed in fear we forget to rely on our loving, kind and passionate heart and we forget that we belong to a larger community.

But when you change the way you look at things, the things you look at really change (quote by: Dr. Wayne W. Dyer).  It’s not that you ignore what’s going on around you, but it’s all related to what you choose to focus on.  Suddenly, your body picks up a whole different kind of energy and you start feeling more connected with your own beautiful heart, with the people around you and you crave making a difference in stead of reacting out of fear.

I am so grateful that I have chosen to connect with people from all walks of life who have made this shift in their lives and who have chosen to make a difference.  If you read some of the interviews you’ll understand why.

Scotty BruerLast January, when I attended the Divine Love event on Maui, hosted by Wayne Dyer, I met with Scotty Bruer, the Founder of and I instantly knew that I wanted to promote Scotty’s wonderful work.

PeaceNow is seeking ONE BILLION people to join together to create the cultural, economic and governmental framework for a new era of lasting peace.  They intend to generate a transformative force that creates powerful and lasting change for the betterment of humankind and future generations.  PeaceNow is not affiliated with any religion, political organization, or ideology.  Their vision is one of unity and practical solutions for creating peace.  The PeaceNow “Three Pillars of Peace” address the changes needed within our selves, our economies and our governments to facilitate a sustained era of peace.

Peace Departments
The “One Billion Signatures for Peace” petition (The Global Resolution) will create the worldwide support needed for all governments to finally establish permanent infrastructures for building sustained peace.  The Global Resolution, these signatures will help enact, has been approved by Culture of Peace working groups at the United Nations.

Peace Education
The online Peace Practitioner Course will offer lessons in three critical areas for cultivating peace within our hearts, homes and communities.  Their curriculum is strategically divided into Inner Peace, Family Peace and Community Peace, with each component providing instruction from the world’s best teachers on how to think and act peacefully and then apply these ideas to life.  The program will allow those who are passionate about peace to sponsor people from around the world to become Peace Practitioners, enabling seeds of peace to be planted anywhere on earth, even in the most conflict-ridden areas of our globe.

Peace Economies
To establish sustainable peace in our world, a new peace-based economy must be created that provides jobs and profits that replace the money previously generated by conflict.  With this in mind, the Peace Business Certifications will recognize businesses that align their operations and strategies with universally respected principals that promote global peace.  This will allow the world’s citizens to invest in peace with each purchase they make, while supporting a new peace economy.


In an effort to promote understanding of how to turn peace into a global economic engine, PeaceNow will host an annual symposium for corporate executives, entrepreneurs, thought leaders, change makers, and economists to discuss strategies for creating this new economy.  The symposium is entitled, “Peace As An Economic Engine”, and it will establish a new definition of success that includes community, humanity, the environment and global peace as part of the mission of corporations around world.
For these initiatives and the ONE BILLION-person petition drive that supports them, PeaceNow is recognized by UNESCO – the United Nations Educational, Scientific and Cultural Organization – “as a contributing organization to world peace and supports its mission.”

PeaceNow-52-Weeks-of-PeaceScotty Bruer and your team… What a beautiful initiative and we wish lots of peaceful energy and success!

For more information, please visit:  You might want to sign the petition or even want to volunteer or make a donation.


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