Last summer, I was walking through a dense and dark part of the forest and I began to realize how incredibly pure, peaceful and intelligent nature actually is. I could hear the birds sing their very own song and as I was listening to their tunes, my eye caught a few beautiful sun rays which had managed to penetrate through the thick canopy.

lilyWhen I looked closer, down below, I noticed a very pretty looking tiger lily, right in the middle of one of these razor-sharp sun rays. The lily’s colour was warm orange with brown spots. I hunched down and became intrigued – This unique little wonder of mother nature managed to find just a small spot in this dark forest, catching the bright morning light, which opened her heart fully and she allowed me to look deep down inside her tender heart.

I could have just walked by while worrying about my day, but I was in awe about the wonders in this forest and receptive to her beauty and it made me very calm. “I have so much to be grateful for” I thought and I noticed that I was smiling, big time.

Dirk lilyYes, our planet is in distress and yes, it might be hard sometimes to see the light, but please remember that we always have different options. We can ask ourselves why it’s so dark around us and start losing hope and faith. But we also have the capacity to find that small ray of sunlight or just listen to the birds’ songs.

When you start telling yourself a different story, your life will shift accordingly. And you might not want to forget that without the darkness, these magical sun rays wouldn’t be so magical at all.

You are

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