Tim van der Vliet is a Hay house author, father of 4, lives in Amsterdam and rides his bicycle to get around. He has a fresh, no-nonsense, and light-hearted approach to life that he calls “Zen from Amsterdam”.
Tim van der VlietWith a financial background and an interest in important life questions, Tim has the ability to incorporate following your heart into daily life, and building a bridge between finding your greatest joy and the mainstream world.

In December 2013 we spoke with Tim about his refreshing ‘Zen from Amsterdam’ approach and we briefly discussed his popular book Spiritual Awakening (The Easy Way).

Find your dream job

Are you living your true purpose?
Are you doing the work you are born to do?
Did you find your dream job already?

If you answer one of these questions with “no” this information might be just perfect for you! “Finding your dream job” is a Speed Zen Course. A Speed Zen Course is an online course that gets you further in a relatively short time. You don’t have to do 2 hours of yoga nor meditate on a pillow for an hour every day to change your life. Zen from Amsterdam breaks the rules and finds creative solutions to seemingly complicated matters. Speed Zen Courses can help you find your joy in life, even with a busy agenda. Watch Tim explain it here:

Join the Free Online Class: Find your Dream Job on March 9th. Email Tim now.

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For more information, please visit Tim van der Vliet at: timvandervliet.com


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