necole stephens messages | Soul LoveMediumship is all about making connections with and delivering messages from people who are no longer living to those who still are.

Necole Stephens receives information primarily and directly from those who are no longer with us – spirit guides and angels. With her compelling accuracy, Necole delivers messages from ‘the other realm’ bringing through much comfort and peace.
When someone we love passes, we struggle with trying to understand this new world they have become a part of while also trying to figure out how we will survive this pain. Our loved ones are always around us and Necole explains that this is a very real connection. It’s quite different than we once knew but it is there.

Necole writes the following on her website:
“I’m just a regular mom of three boys, who wears yoga pants everyday, does laundry in between carpooling, oh and I see spirits. Hey, we’re all a slightly different. I started seeing “faces” at about the age of three. I was terrified! It wasn’t until I was a bit older that I realized what was really happening. I was still terrified…But slowly, I started to embrace what was happening and realized that this was truly a gift not a curse. I began to welcome spirits and shared the messages that they had for their loved ones.”

“Being a medium didn’t forewarn me of the tragedies I was going to be faced with. (I never receive ‘bad’ information from spirit that includes for me.) I walk with one foot in each world… In 2008, my younger brother and only sibling passed unexpectedly, twenty-two months later my healthy eleven-year-old son Zachary passed unexpectedly in his sleep, and just a short nine months after, my dad passed.”

“Although I was given a beautiful gift at a very young age, I truly understand that feeling of that insatiable void. There are no words to describe the journey of grief and how painful it is. But I also know that our loved ones in spirit want us to live. They watch us, hear us, and send us signs and messages.”

“I want to help you embrace the beautiful and eternal connection that sustains. That no time or place can ever change.”

Interview with Necole Stephens

I felt compelled to speak with Necole, mainly because the work that she’s doing is beautiful. But I have to honestly tell you that I had no idea what to expect during our conversation, mainly because this is all so new to me.
But after we spoke, Necole shared a very personal message with me – it was actually a message from my mom who passed in 2009. This message was so beautiful and specific that I knew it was coming directly from her through Necole. No doubt possible! And it was actually then that I got to value and experience first hand, Necole Stephens’ special gifts. I encourage you to watch the 14 minute video below.


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