resilience from the heart | Gregg Braden

There’s a single question that we ask ourselves each and every day. The question shows up in different, and at times unexpected, ways in our lives. Sometimes we ask it consciously and find ourselves actually whispering the words under our breath. Most of the time, however, we don’t. For most of us the question lingers in the back of our mind as a nagging sense of something unfinished and incomplete in our lives. Regardless of how we ask the question itself, however, the intention it comes from is the same. It’s simply this:

“How do I make life better for myself and for my family?”

The answer to this question is precisely what Resilience from the Heart, is all about.  

Resilience from the Heart is written with one purpose in mind: to empower us in the choices that lead to thriving lives in a new transformed, and sustainable world. The key to transformation is simply this: the better we know ourselves, the better equipped we are to make our choices wisely.

I had the pleasure and the honour to speak with Gregg Braden about his latest book Resilience from the Heart. You can now listen to our 55 minute long conversation (on SoundCloud), and Gregg shared some beautiful wisdom with me that I have the pleasure to share with you. Enjoy!

You can purchase Resilience from the Heart here.resilience from the heart book
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