Brice-teamAfter being diagnosed with an intestinal tumor, Brice Royer was given some unique advice about treating his condition.

“A doctor told me that love and kindness is the world’s best medicine,” said Royer. “The problem is, I can’t buy love and kindness at the pharmacy, but I thought maybe I could give it away freely without expectation and kindness could help me heal.”

“Hello, I’m selling unconditional love for $0. Infinite square feet lot. Includes refreshing air, sunshine, the Earth, beautiful mountains and the ocean…”

brice-royerBrice Royer decided to put up a Craigslist ad, selling unconditional love for $0.00 dollars.  The ad which received over 1 million hits in 2 days; was featured in a news feed article on Facebook to which Francesca Murray, a single mom living in a 2nd stage shelter read it and was inspired by Royer’s positive attitude and willingness to serve others.

Francesca reached out to Brice on Facebook, offering to come to his Vancouver, British Columbia, home and help by cooking meals for him. As the pair began to firm up their plans to meet, Brice learned of Francesca’s homelessness, and was touched to hear that she often shared the groceries she could afford for herself and her daughter, Charlotte, 4, with the other women in her shelter.

Brice was touched by Francesca’s giving spirit, and set up a fundraiser site hoping to raise $100 to provide a two-month supply of vegetable deliveries for Francesca and her daughter. The site raised more than $2,000 and allowed Brice and his friends to arrange for 250 meals to be donated to the women at Francesca’s shelter in addition to her two-month supply of produce.

Brice also learned that Francesca’s allotted time in the shelter ends in February 2016, leaving him and his friends looking for a way to find permanent housing for her. The group has started a new fundraising site, with the goal of raising $25,000 by Dec. 25 in order to build Francesca and her daughter a sustainable tiny home, designed to run on solar power and eliminate electricity bills.

Brice shared all of these surprises with Francesca in a video posted to the Gift Economy YouTube channel, a channel started by followers of Brice’s journey who are also interested in giving back.

Please help get Brice Royer to Heal in Bali


When Brice met Baptiste de Pape – creator of The Power of The Heart, it lit Brice’s heart up to a whole new level, he became very inspired. He decided to recharge his unconditional love paying it fowards movement by helping people in even bigger ways.  Brice hasn’t stopped talking about the “Power of the Heart“, and has shown us all that we are all capable of activating the Power of our own hearts through simple acts of kindness, big or small.

Brice has always dreamed of going to Bali. His deepest wish was to go away to some place where he could receive full healing.  He has been struggling a lot physically.  He’s in pretty rough shape, and he’s come to terms with that.  He recently said: “I think in the new year after I’ve accomplished this tiny home fundraiser, I am so exhausted and tired of struggling. I just want to go away and heal myself completely.  I want to get away from everything, including all social media, and just focus on healing myself  because I’m no good to anyone if I’m sick.  I think I’m going to step away for several months”.

gofundmeBaptist is leading a healing and manifestors’ retreat in Bali and is now raising funds to be able to have Brice, Francesca and Brice’s caregiver travel to Bali to start the healing. A special GoFundme page has been set up and we kindly ask you to consider donate a small (or larger) amount for this amazing project and to help Brice Royer heal.