If given the choice, we would all choose to be less stressed, to feel happier, and to experience a more optimal state of wellbeing. So why are these outcomes so hard to achieve? The answer is quite simple. No one has taught us how. It turns out that just as you train your body for fitness, you can train your mind for wellbeing. We call this Life Cross Training (LIFE XT), and Start Here – The New York Times best seller – is the manual for anyone seeking to achieve emotional fitness.

Master the lifelong habit of wellbeing

Master the Lifelong habit of WellbeingWhen I first saw the title of the book Start Herehad to read it. Who doesn’t want to master the habit of wellbeing? And I was far from being disappointed. In this highly interesting and easy to read book, the authors, Eric Lanshur and Nate Klemp, are combining ancient wisdom with modern neuroscience from the world’s leading experts. The book is the portal to their groundbreaking training program LIFE XT – Mastering the Art of Wellbeing.

Start Here: Conversation with the authors

In our 25 minute 3-way conversation, you will learn more about the art of emotional fitness, why the ancient wisdom and the modern neuroscience go hand-in-hand, and you learn how to break the negative patterns in your life by using their simple but highly effective technique “notice-shift-rewire’.

To purchase the book START HERE, click here.

lifext-logoFor more information: Life-XT.com


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