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Anita Moorjani is the author of the highly popular book ‘Dying to be Me’ – On February 2nd 2006, Anita experienced what most of us never have! She crossed over and came back to share what she learned. Doctors at the hospital had given Anita just hours to live when she arrived at the hospital that morning, unable to move as a result of the cancer that had ravaged her body for over three years.

Anita Moorjani shares her experience of entering another dimension and being given a choice of whether to return to life or not. She experienced great clarity and understanding of her life and purpose here on earth.

In 2013 we spoke with Anita about the remarkable lessons that she had learned during her Near Death Experience (NDE), you can read this interview here.

In January 2014, Anita and I met during the Divine Love event on Maui and we spoke again, but this time we talked about Anita’s experiences in the past year by meeting audiences from all over the world and Anita also lifted the veil on her upcoming book called ‘Being Myself’.

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Soul Love: Anita, you share so much of your wisdom with people from all over the world, but what have you learned yourself so far? What did all these people that you’ve met teach YOU?

Anita Moorjani: Oh gosh, they’ve taught me so much, in fact I feel that I’ve learned more from them than what I’ve given them, that is certainly what it feels like to me. I’ve learned that so many people are in pain and hurting. At one time I also felt alone, I felt that even when I expressed myself in my book I was going through a phase of feeling like nobody understood me but with the book now, I feel that everybody understands me. Everybody feels the same thing and that was really interesting for me.

I’ve learned that so many people, it feels like everybody, want the same thing, and yet so many people are living the opposite of what they want. This understanding has been the inspiration behind my second book called ‘Being Myself’ – we all want the same thing but we are living the opposite of what we actually want and why that feels so hard, why it feels like we are going against the world and what everybody wants for us while we are trying to be ourselves and to be authentic. This is exactly what I will talking about in my second book.

SL: In your book ‘Dying to be Me’ you are talking about the ‘other realm’. Was it only then that you were there or is it possible to visit the other realm whenever you choose?

AM: I feel that it’s always possible to revisit the other realm. I believe that when I visited this realm during my NDE, I felt as though I learned that this other realm has been available to me all the time but now I knew what to look for, because it’s like the NDE, it opened a door and once the door is open it never closes, it just never closes. I feel I always have access to the other realm.

SL: Would you be saying that anyone could do that?

AM: I actually believe that anyone can do that. First of all they have to want to do that, they have to intend that they want to do that and I do believe it is absolutely accessible to anyone who seriously wants access to the other realm.

SL: That’s quite something because you went through such an intense experience and after your body gave up you were visiting this realm which is for most people something euphoric but you’re saying that actually anyone could do that.

AM: Yes, what I feel though is that it may be more difficult to actually have an out of body experience although many people have had that. I believe however, that every single person can get in touch with that state of yourself that is connected to everything, get in touch with the guidance and receive the gifts that you are meant to receive as being somebody who is part of this life.

Some of the things happened to me because I was almost disassociated with my body and I was able to see things and know things were happening in other rooms, although that is absolutely possible too but that’s actually the least important of it all.

Anita Moorjani & Dirk Terpstra | Soul LoveMost people who want materialistic evidence find that those are the things they need to prove to them that it happened. But that really, is the least important part. It’s accessing the guidance and the gifts and the knowledge, it’s that and that is available to everybody.

SL: Is that because we are never taught how to access that?
AM: Yes, this is actually our birthright but we’re conditioned away from that rather than towards it or rather then taught how to use it to the maximum. My experience was a little bit drastic because it needed to be drastic since it had to undo all the conditioning and I feel that the reason that I came back was to be able to speak about it in a way that other people will actually believe me. So there are certain elements of it that are drastic for that reason. For everyone else it doesn’t need to be that drastic, you don’t need to have cancer, you don’t need to be completely disassociated with your body in order to have these gifts accessible to you.

SL: After your NDE, you started writing because it was so therapeutic for you. As a result of that your beautiful book ‘Dying to be Me’ was born. You are currently writing a second book ‘Being Myself’. In what way does the creation of this book feel different?

AM: This book is different because I feel it is inspired by the readers of the first book. They are the ones who inspired me to write this book. It is also inspired by my own journey after trying to integrate back into my life, after having had such an experience and the challenges I am dealing with applying my own message.

“Be as You, as You can Be”

Because my message is “be yourself and love yourself”, the most important thing you can do is to be yourself and people say “Oh you’re just telling people to be positive” and I say “No I am not, I am saying it’s more important to be yourself than it is to be positive”. It’s great that you can be yourself and be positive because it means the positivity is real and authentic, it’s not a fake positivity.

I don’t advocate that you have to constantly be positive or wishful thinking. The most important thing is you have to be yourself. Being yourself means that you value yourself, it means that you don’t have to cover up for who you are. When you constantly tell yourself “I have to be positive” that sends a message “The natural me is not positive, so I have to consciously be positive”. But when you say “I can just be myself” it feels so liberating and so freeing and it also means that you know that you are good enough and that you don’t have to try to be anything else.

“Know that you are Powerful, more than anybody has ever told you!”

What’s really interesting is that when you truly “get it” but try sharing that information with people around us, even loved ones, you often find it scares many people away. When you try living it, every day, with your family, at your work, with your friends, people might think “My God she’s weird, she’s changed”. This is what my next book touches on, it’s really about being yourself and loving yourself while living in a world where most people still don’t see it that way, they don’t value it and they don’t encourage it. I have had people telling me “I get what you’re saying and I really love myself but I dare not tell anyone how much I love myself because they’ll judge me and that’s so true for a lot of people”.

“To be yourself in a world that is constantly trying to make you something else is the greatest accomplishment” – Ralph Waldo Emerson

People still think it’s selfish to love yourself. And yet I believe that so many of the problems in our world are caused because people don’t love themselves and they haven’t fulfilled themselves. I believe that we live in a world where everybody is lacking self love – we don’t have to ever worry about being selfish because the selfishness comes from the lack of self love and it comes from overcompensating, so when people say “I don’t want to love myself too much because I worry about being selfish”, that’s the wrong thing to worry about.

It is exactly that connection with yourself – when you allow yourself to really appreciate who you are and value who you are, your life really changes. When you don’t value yourself, you push away a lot of good things that you are worthy of, you push away love from other people because you think you don’t deserve it, you push away financial abundance because you feel you’re not deserving it and when you love yourself and feel you’re worthy you start to value everything and things just start to flow to you because you stop blocking it and start allowing it.

SL: Anita, we’re here during a very beautiful event called “Divine Love”. Isn’t Love always divine?

AM: Yes, love is always divine. One of the problems is that we overuse the word Love. We say I love and then mention the name of a food or restaurant or a thing like “I love my car” so that’s really overused. So now we start to prefix it when we mean a really special love, we say ‘divine love’, which means universal or Godlike love or we say ‘unconditional love’. In actuality we shouldn’t feel the need to qualify the word love, because if it is not divine or not unconditional then it’s not love. I think that the reason why we tend to use words like this is only because the word love has been so overused and used out of context.

SL: If you weren’t writing, what would you do to inspire humanity?

AM: I think I would still be speaking because I very much enjoy my speaking events. I enjoy writing but I have to say that at the moment I get more out of the speaking events because there’s an immediate connection with the audience. The writing feels more like therapy to me. I tend to write a lot for myself and I find that’s the best way to do it, to pretend that nobody is ever going to read it and that’s how I get my best stuff out. But I find that public speaking really energizes me, it buzzes me, it’s that connection with the audience and the immediate feeling of exchange. I am speaking, they’re responding, I am speaking they’re responding, is this beautiful energy exchange which doesn’t come with the writing because there’s no exchange. I love the speaking events.

I know that when I am writing I tend to clarify a lot of my thoughts and then I go back and revisit what I am writing and I can go back again and add things and change things but at the same time the writing is my form of therapy and healing. Writing is resting, and speaking is going out and having fun and living it.

The Q&A at every event is what’s really giving me the buzz – I love being put on that spot where I have to answer a question because that for me is the ultimate feeling of letting go and just allowing what comes through. I feel this incredible trust with the Universe when I am in that state, I love that. I love just allowing what comes through and saying something whatever comes through and I have always felt that. Thankfully so far I have always felt that the person who asked the question has actually been answered or satisfied by what comes through.

SL: You often use the expression ‘synchronicity’. What do we feel, what do we experience?

AM: Synchronicity feels like you’re just going with the flow, allowing things to unfold and everything is falling into place but without your effort of pursuing and chasing, without your control, without you needing to control things. Synchronicity is when you are able to let go of it all and it turns out better than if you had tried to put it together yourself.

SL: After reading and understanding your message, what would you say to people who find it challenging to truly live their life fearlessly and just from a place of love? They might say: “I love Anita’s message but how can I ever do that?”

AM: For some people, the real answer can just be quite dramatic or drastic but the true answer is that if you are feeling that you are not really passionate about your life or a lot of things are going wrong and you’re not feeling that love for yourself, it means that you are not living an authentic life.

The first question you have to ask yourself is “Who am I”? The first thing to realize is that the reason that you’re feeling this way, the reason why you can’t feel this love for yourself or this passion for your life is because the life you are living is not your life. It’s not the life that your authentic self would have chosen.

It can be quite a shattering thought for some people to feel “Oh my God I built this life with my family or this big house or this career but I am not happy”, so you suddenly realize “this is not my life”. Somehow you have built a life of meeting external expectations. It’s not about how can to build a different life or a better life, no that’s the mistake you made in the first place, the questions to ask are “Who am I? What is the authentic me? What would I be doing if I could do anything?” It’s a shame we’re not getting asked these questions when we’re really young, because if we did we wouldn’t have this problem later in life, which we call ‘midlife crisis’, ‘burnout’ or something else and this is exactly what my second book is about. It’s about who’s life am I living?

To purchase ‘Dying to Be Me’ click here and for more information, please visit Anita’s website:


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