Interview with Lilou Macé

lilou maceLilou Macé is an author, webTV host and International Internet video blogger.
Lilou’s mission is to create and host an international communication network to inspire, motivate and empower millions of people to pursue their dreams and to help spread joy, freedom and personal awakening. Currently Lilou resides ‘on the road’ wherever her ‘Juicy Living Tour’ guides her.
We recently interviewed Lilou so that we can learn more about who this beautiful soul behind all these inspirational videos is.

Soul Love: On your website you are writing about ‘new earth, love, spirituality and awakening’. When was it that you became interested in these subjects?
Lilou Macé: I got interested in the year 2000. I had just graduated from college, business studies, and I couldn’t find a job in France. Because of the fear, because of the separation, all the challenges I was going through I was getting interested in these topics.
When I was a little girl, my dad was already telling me about the energy of flowers, showed me how beautiful nature was, putting books into my hands as he truly understood spirituality. But my dad never lectured me. At that time I was purely understanding the beauty of nature itself. But anyway, later in life I faced some challenges, with my parents and with myself. I was always the victim, and the other people were always the problem, not me.

In 2000 I attended my first personal development seminar. All of a sudden I became more interested in these subjects and I started reading more books and joined more seminars. I also noticed that people around me started talking about ‘the Law of Attraction’. So one thing lead to the other and from that point on my life started to take a path of its own. Maybe not always easier, but it was now my path, and not that of anybody else.

I have always been a person with ambitions, ideas and with things I want to explore. I was used to do things on my own, that was not the problem. The challenge was usually going out towards to other people, to be in intimacy of another, the challenge was really to reopen my heart, to love again, to say ‘yes’ to all the beautiful things and to open up to even greater things and not sabotaging them. There was a lot missing in my life, including a job, a relationship, and also a good relationship with my parents. So far I had been only able to maintain a relationship with myself.

Lilou: “I believe that we are capable of amazing things.”

SL: How has your work impacted you as a person?
LM: Oh, tremendously. It has softened me so much. I fell in love with life again, with myself and with my soul. I am now listening as much as possible what my soul wants. I feel that I am more and more aligned with my soul, heart and spirit. I feel more than ever at service of the universe, and how I can serve by spreading people’s messages, by spreading information that I feel is relevant at this time.

SL: How do you know when you have found ‘true meaning’ for yourself?
LM: I feel that in my heart, it feels good and makes me feel joyful. There’s no limit and I accept things that I otherwise wouldn’t have accepted. It just feels really good and has given me more energy and joy. I don’t count my time.
My work is also a co-creation and I don’t feel I am in this on my own. When we find our purpose and live our dharma, we finally accept, how can I say this, that we matter, that we have a unique expression and that we except what life is offering us. Even the harder things. Accepting whatever comes our way and knowing that this is something for the bigger picture to happen.

Everything becomes more unconditional and I start doing things just because I need to do them and express them. So, it’s very much in unity and alignment with the unity matrix, the new paradigm. It’s not wanting to live in fear and separation anymore, but saying ‘yes’. Yes to co-creating, yes to living my life on purpose and doing one step at a time and knowing that it will reveal itself eventually. Like the tour I am doing, which is fully supported by the donations from people. So all the traveling I do is through the support of the people who are watching the videos.

It is this willingness to move forward and not using excuses anymore, just doing the work. And what I also want to mention is to discover what true abundance is and to live it, and being grateful for all the things that we have. When your frequency, your energy, is increasing, you will attract more beautiful things in life. And it’s interesting, when we become more grateful for the small things in our lives, you don’t get stuck with those small things and you even attract more beautiful things. I don’t do it for that reason, but now I can observe the magic of life. I am now also more able to receive. We people often know how to give but not always know how to receive. Opening up to the grace, love and beauty. That’s when the heart opens up and you will be able start receiving. When we really open up to receiving it’s so beautiful and so magnificent, because we will see our true beauty and the beauty of this world. We are truly honouring our spirit then.

SL: In what way are you and your work meaningful to others?
juicy living tourLM: It can be as meaningful as a person allows it to be. There are thousands of videos (currently 2,000) and it’s as much as we are willing to open up, to see magnificence through these wonderful interviews, the stories, the love and the emotions that are available. It’s all out there. It’s again a matter of how much are you willing to receive.

I receive hundreds of emails daily with an abundance of ‘thank you’s’ and I can see it in the number of views of the videos, currently 24 million from all around the world. They are truly impacting people’s lives.

SL: What does love mean to you?
LM: [Thinking] Love is hard to put into words for me. This beautiful feeling of… love, [laughing, but suddenly Lilou’s voice becomes really soft]. I feel it like peace, reciprocity the willingness to show up in a relationship. Less and less judgement that I have towards myself and others, the openness. It all part of love. But it still feels so new to me. I am still in awe when confronted with that word. It’s so big and so unlimited. It’s hard to describe. I also feel much love for the work that I do.

SL: What’s your idea of real success?
LM: Success to me now is having a spiritual understanding, a balanced life and honoring who I am on different levels. That I feel heard and that I can express myself, that makes me also be more in balance. Having the time to do things that feel good. Do things in communities, build, grow, all of that. It doesn’t mean financial success. The inside matches the outside. The soul and the personality are aligned. I am doing what I am supposed to do here on earth and it feels great.

SL: What makes you the most vulnerable with your work?
LM: During an interview I am vulnerable to just being there and listening to another human being who exposes their knowledge, personality and spirit. Everything is brought up to the surface and it’s this intimate vulnerable moment. Being in the now and listening. This all feels vulnerable to me. It feels raw, as what it is.

SL: What do you believe in?
LM: In spirit. I believe in who we are as human beings, I believe that we are capable of amazing things, I believe in the evolution of humans right now and that this earth is evolving. I believe in miracles and magnificence here on earth.
In 2003 I started writing my personal declaration, a document that supported me believing more in myself. Do you want me to read a part of it? [Yes, of course we like that!]

Hay House, Inc.

Lilou’s personal Declaration:
The purpose of this document is to lay the context and commitment for being in the world. My intention is to have a life full of miracles, abundance, joy, and love. It is a life which promises to bring love and joy to life. This document is my declaration, it is my source, and the context in which I live my life.

The context of my life is that life is abundant, full of miracles, peaceful and perfect the way it is. I am living in the context that anything is possible: out of declaring it, inventing it, and living into it. I design my life. I am the source of its outcome. It is a beautiful, and powerful journey.

I live a life in the context that human beings are amazing, kind, generous, and perfect the way they are, and ready to make a difference. I am present every day to the beauty and variety of the people on this planet. Diversity is magnificent, and each of us express God’s gifts to the world. We are a team and serve as resources to each other, to fulfill our dreams.

The universe answers our needs right away, as we say it, think it, and visualize it. We magnetize what we desire. Possibilities are infinite. I create my space for miracles to happen, for greatness, joy, and love to give and expressed. Heavenly moments and peace on earth to take place.

I have now given myself the permission to be myself, and to contribute to mankind. My approval comes from within. I raise the bar of my participation in life every day. I own my life, put structures of existence in all areas, and I am hungry for life. I am my dreams, my accomplishments, and my promises. I cannot wait to wake up in the morning, play full-out, and invite others to play full-out. The result of this abundant energy that I bring to life is self-expression, peace, joy, and love.

People are moved, touched, and inspired by life. I declare myself to be a magnificent leader in an on-going state of growth, freedom, gratitude, grace, empowerment and self-expression. As a top performer, I think and then act. I increase my knowledge in every single moment, learn from every single situation.

Thank you Lilou for sharing this wonderful and personal document with us and our readers.

SL: What is it in life that excites you most right now?
LM: To travel, to interview and to share this online. But also to have a balanced life, to continue to follow my heart. But sharing my messages feels the best.

SL: Who are your 3 most Loving Souls?
LM: That is hard to say. We are all super souls. I interview such an amazing people. But to name just 3: Caroline Myss, Anita Moorjani and Wayne Dyericon.

SL: What is according to you the single most important thing that has to happen to make this place a better world?
LM: That we listen. That we truly see things as they are without any judgement involved. And that we are open to life. When we grow, we will also see the kindness and love on this beautiful planet.

SL: Thank you Lilou, for having this inspiring conversation with us. You are truly our Super Soul. We will keep following you closely and are looking forward to your upcoming interviews on your website:


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