Interview with Sara Lahey

Sara Lahey - Hunting Happiness ProjectSara Lahey is the founder of ‘The Hunting Happiness Project’. This initiative was born from Sara’s burning desire to bring profound healing to the world.  It is from her unwavering commitment to help spread happiness that the foundation for her mission was set.
We recently interviewed Sara as we like to learn more about who this ‘Super Souls woman’ behind this incredibly important work is.
More about Sara’s work can be found on her Soul Love Profile page.

Soul Love: You meet so many people from all different walks of life. After all those connections, is there some single message you can extract from it?
Sara Lahey: Love is the universal language.

SL: In what way has your work impacted you as a person?
Sara: It has been a wonderful journey full of surprises and miracles. I am ever growing in the process. Each day shows me more and more the power of kindness is bigger than I ever imagined. This experience is constantly deepening my commitment to serve people in their journeys to greater happiness and peace within.

SL: From your TEDx talk we remember that as a child you asked yourself: “What does a good or positive experience look like?” Can you answer this question now?
Sara: A good experience can come from being willing to choose to love in spite of anything. A positive experience can come from a commitment to being forgiving, generous and compassionate.
We all have moments that challenge our ability to choose love. Sounds like an easy choice, but it’s not. Those challenges are magical moments – a test – an opportunity to take take your commitment to the next level. It’s never too late to choose love.

SL: How do you know when you have found ‘true meaning’ for yourself?
Sara: As you know, my project is called the Hunting Happiness Project. It is my belief that there is no end to the depths of our experience or “meaning” in life. There is no finish line to arrive at. We are ever hunting.
Our lives are designed to have infinite richness. We can all arrive at peacefulness, but even that can always be richer.
Hunting Happiness ProjectEach one of us has a calling at the core of our being. Should we choose to follow this calling, it will serve as a guide into greater depths of exploration of the pain and the beauty of life and mindfulness around how we relate to it.
To me, the greatest meaning of life is to live in humble longing, a quest to know yourself and be anchored in love in everything you do.

SL: What do you think, in what way are you and your work meaningful to others?
Sara: The biggest part of my work is supporting people in a way that allows them to move forward, go beyond any stuck places and enjoy life more. I am reminding people of their power. I am igniting them to answer the calling of their own hearts journey, empowering them to be their highest selves.

SL: What does love mean to you?
Sara: Love is happiness. Weather you are happy to see a puppy, happy that sun is shining – it’s because you are experiencing love.
Love is beyond words. The worlds best artists, poets, songwriters have all tried to express love as they know it. Each of them illustrating as best they can – but all of them falling short. Love is our greatest resource – one that is infinitely abundant.

SL: What’s your idea of real success?
Sara: Success is of character. Success is doing your best and being without excuses or blame. Success is in surrendering to outcomes and only striving to be better than yourself – not anyone else.

SL: What is it that breaks your heart the most?
Sara: When love is absent. My heart breaks I feel when I hear a stories of violence and cruelty. My heart aches, desperate to reach out and extend my love. My response is to offer help in restoring hope by bringing love back.
Stories of children who are suffering are the most painful for me.

Love 'n AidSL: What is it in life that excites you most right now?
Sara: The Love’n Aid Project that we’ve been doing here in the United States for the last few years is going on it’s first international tour! To New Zealand, Australia and Taiwan. We’re doing 6 Love’n Aid events in 5 weeks – spreading happiness and making kindness cool all over the world.

SL: Who are your top 3 Super Souls?
Sara: Hard to pick 3. My life has been full of them. Sometimes it was a person I met once and will never see again. I couldn’t make one more important than another.

SL: Any new plans we should know about Sara?
Sara: Our Love’n Aid project is going on its first international tour in February of 2013: New Zealand, Australia and Taiwan.
We are planning to continue Love’n Aid all over the world in the coming years. We also have several short films intended to inspire that will be released soon.

SL: It sounds so very exciting Sara! We wish you lots of love and good luck with your International Tour. God bless you.

More information about Sara’s work can be found on her website:


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