Vironika Tugaleva

Vironika Tugaleva is a people lover, inspirational speaker, reformed cynic, and bestselling author of the book The Love Mindset. Vironika helps people suffering from mental distress heal themselves and discover their inner strength.

She is a teacher and lifelong learner of the human mind and the nature of change, healing, and happiness. Her journey into the depths of human nature did not come from any university, organization, church, or school of thought. Her wisdom flowered out of her recovery from a decade-long struggle with addiction, eating disorders, and profound self-hatred.

For years, Vironika was cynical, self-destructive, and always wary of trusting people too much. With the same fiery passion that she now uses to spread love in the world, she ran herself down to a mental breakdown at the age of 23. She faced a choice: change or die.

She chose to change and, from that day forward, Vironika embarked on a journey of self-discovery, healing, and epiphany. She healed herself and now she helps heal others.

She describes in her book “In the deepest part of my breakdown, I saw clearly who was bringing me all of my pain, all of my suffering. I saw who didn’t love me. I realized with razor sharp clarity, who it was who needed to do better. Looking into my own eyes in the mirror after not doing so for close to a year, I greeted myself. It was like looking at an enemy. The eyes stared back distant and hostile. “People have treated you badly in the past” I whispered to the girl in the mirror “and I’m going to do better. I’m going to treat you better”. Her eyes softened and filled with tears. “My enemy turned into my friend.”

When I received the request to interview Vironika, I visited her website and watched a couple of youtube videos of her speaking. I was so impressed with this young woman that I immediately said yes. Not only did I want to interview her, I felt a strong need to do it in person. Then I read her book and was awestruck by the deep wisdom that flowed from this young person. I keep using the word ‘young’ because I experienced my awakening at 43 and often thought how wonderful it would have been to have found myself in my 20’s.

One gorgeous sunny afternoon, together with my good friend Dave and his camera, we made the drive to Toronto to meet with Vironika. I had no idea just how transformative this meeting was going to be for me. I was really excited to get Vironika on camera and share her message everywhere and anywhere I could because I felt she could reach a young audience. What I learned is that Vironika’s message is for everyone. You can watch the video below:

There I was sitting with this woman 19 years younger than myself and she was teaching me so much. There was no time, age or separation in those moments. It was magical and I felt a sense of sadness when we parted. As I watched her walk away I longed for just a little more time to experience her incredible energy and wisdom that flows from her so effortlessly. I realized that it’s because Vironika truly lives each moment of her life with a Love Mindset. She says in her book “When I look at people I see their souls. I see them for who they really are and I treat them with respect, kindness and compassion. When I see someone who sees me back, there’s a sort of meeting of minds and a resulting meeting of hearts”.

There is no question that we are all equal. No one is greater than or less than another, but every once in awhile the universe sends us a very special gift in the form of an author. A special soul whose wisdom flows onto the pages of a book as beautifully as the wind blows on a warm summer day. Vironika is truly one of those gifts.

Vironika TugalevaThe Love Mindset shows you how to heal your relationship with yourself, the most important relationship of all. Vironika takes you on a journey to an understanding that love is power. It is the strongest power of all.

Recently, Vironika founded The Real Us, a new community where she helps people share their uplifting, raw, touching, real-life stories of authenticity, courage, healing, and kindness. She hopes that The Real Us will serve to show us what is humanly possible, one story at a time.

For more information, please visit Vironika’s website:


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