Can you imagine seeing our Earth from a cosmic perspective – as a planet and the sun as a star in a black sky?  When several astronauts went to the moon, they weren’t thinking about looking back at the earth, but they did, and it completely shifted their sense of awareness and consciousness. The experience changed their lives forever. They call it The Overview Effect.

“We see things as we know them, but we don’t experience which is.”

In this amazingly beautiful and interesting short video, several astronauts and cosmonauts explain their experiences, such a circling the Earth every 90 minutes and viewing it from the moon and how this experience has affected their perceptions of themselves, their world and their future.

When we begin to realize that the Earth is one system and that we’re all part of that one system, we also begin to see that there is a certain unity, a coherence to it all. We will now transcend the sense of separation and just know that the self and the world are not separate but deeply interconnected. Try to imagine the impact this has on how we relate to ourselves, to our relationships and how this affects our politics, our religion, our social relations, our psychology, our economics and our hard sciences.

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