Lori Portka has learned that gratitude creates more gratitude. She worked for two years to make 100 paintings to 100 people who have had a positive impact on her life.  She consciously gave the gift of time, love and creativity.  Lori’s intention was to transfer thoughtful, heartfelt energy directly to those who receive her artwork.

listen-heartThe list of people she made paintings for includes some of her dearest, closest family and friends.  It also includes well-known authors, musicians, and spiritual teachers.  She has known some of these people for a lifetime and others much less.  Some she interacts with on a daily basis, while others she hasn’t spoken to in years.

Regardless of how Lori came to know these people, they have all touched her in some positive way and influenced her life to create the person she is today.

“I expressed my gratitude to each of them in my own way.”

Lori Portka

Lori is a full-time artist whose mission is to spread happiness. A firm believer in loving kindness, she aims to be as authentic as possible in her art, work and life.

lori-portkaCreating art helped Lori through a heart-breaking divorce, and it became her way of re-opening her heart to the potential of the future. “Sometimes I rode the waves of pain on a boat of pastels, paints, chalk and inks,” she explains. “It was a bumpy ride, but I grew deeper, more spiritual and more compassionate.”

Nowadays, Lori is remarried and living happily in upstate New York with her loving husband Jay, their gentle-hearted greyhounds, and a calico cat. When not creating art, Lori can be found reading spiritual books, drinking green juice, traveling, hiking, and snuggling in with movies and dark chocolate.

More information about Lori’s art: LoriPortka.com


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