Lisa Garr interview Becoming Aware | Soul LoveSince 1999, Lisa Garr has hosted a popular program on Pacifica Radio Network (KPFK) called The Aware Show. Based on her desire to live in a more conscious world, Lisa created The Aware Show to feature best-selling authors and experts in the fields of natural health, cutting-edge science, personal growth, and

Lisa is dedicated to communicating information that inspires positive growth and change, which leads to listeners living fuller, happier, purpose-driven lives. Her intention is to share resources regarding alternative health, personal growth and practical wisdom. She honors individual uniqueness and encourages listeners to make conscious choices in every moment and to listen to their own truth.

With a background in the healing arts, she is considered an expert herself in the field of lifestyle and transformational media programming. In addition, she comes from a long line of entertainers, including her aunt, actress Teri Garr; and her grandmother, Phyllis Garr, an original Radio City Music Hall Rockette. Lisa also hosts a show on Hay House Radio called Being Aware and a series for Gaiam TV called Gaiam Inspirations.

She is a regular weekend host on Coast to Coast AM, syndicated in over 500 stations around the world, and has one of the largest telesummit series on the Internet. Combined, she reaches millions of listeners globally every month.


Several years ago, Lisa Garr suffered a brain injury during a California State Championship Mountain bike race, where she was in second place, about to take over first. She fell down a long mountain to the bottom, cracking her helmet in 13 places.

Lisa had a near death experience while lying on the side of the mountain until the helicopter medics came to transport her to the nearest hospital. This experience transformed her level of consciousness and was the catalyst for starting her media platform about awareness that now reaches millions of people per month worldwide.

Lisa rebuilt her brain and her life using specific visualization techniques and accessing different levels of conscious awareness she calls Brain-nastics.

An Inspiring Conversation

The moment I heard that my favourite web-TV Host Lisa Garr was launching her first book – Becoming Aware, I knew I wanted to speak with her. This was my chance! OMTimes Magazine was also ‘in’ and I made the arrangements. But… our conversation was so much more fun than I had anticipated! The only ‘downfall’ was that I did not manage the camera settings for the call well enough, but hopefully this will not deter you from watching our very personal talk.

You can order Becoming Aware here.
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