Martha Blessing is a licensed Registered Nurse working in Western Medicine for more than 25 years. The author of “God is a Pink Cloud”, explains in her latest book how spiritual prescriptions have the power to heal our body, not just relying on surgery or pills. Martha was able to get herself out of a wheelchair when doctors told her she would never walk again, and completely reverse her Fibromyalgia.

So it began again… another trip to the Doctor

This time it was very troubling indeed. Martha could not feel her legs. As she was struggling to stand up, she heard a voice: “Don’t take it!!” She didn’t know what that meant. Those three words would lead her down a path of pain, and ultimately, miraculous healing. Choosing to trust her inner voice, struggling, and ready to give up at times, with her family afraid for her well-being, Martha was about to embark on finding out who she truly was. She was to discover that the power to heal herself, indeed lay within her, only her.

Martha Blessing is a Medical Medium, Author, Speaker, Visionary Healer, and Clinical Ayurveda Practitioner. Through research, listening to her body, education, training, and a constant LOVE meditation, Martha would come to fully realize her abilities to also help others. We felt the desire to speak with Martha, because this is an incredible story of resilience, but also a brilliant guide for anyone who is looking to improve on any, and every aspect of their lives. Martha’s Love meditation is also available, to help you with fine-tuning your meditative practise, helping you to find your true essence. Just contact her.

Interview with Martha Blessing

Interview with Martha Blessing | Soul LoveHilary Davies: When emotions and thoughts – our old narratives – start in the thinking mind, what is the best way to let them go?

Martha Blessing: Old thoughts, emotions and narratives are just that, programs from the past. The simplest way to let them go is through recognizing that they are not reality but rather something that is created by the mind in an attempt to alter or control the events of daily life. Bringing our attention into the present moment is the best way to not become hooked into the mind’s energy of fear.

Hilary: You share many of your tools for recovery, all very proactive, from meditating to the food we choose to put in our bodies. What is the first form of action you would encourage someone to take?

Martha: Yes, there are many tools available to us for managing the essence and energy of our physical bodies. The most significant is to be able to experience the prana, or life force, of our physical bodies. In the western medical model we go to doctors so that they can intervene in helping us to not feel the sensations in our physical body. It is a model for ‘moving away from’ rather towards the sacred wisdom and intelligence of this life force that animates our health and our body.

Becoming still and learning to witness and feel our life force and divine essence is the greatest and simplest healing tool we have. People think that healing has to be a big magnanimous event. So many people struggle with the idea of meditation and calming the mind. We can never really calm the mind, it is always in motion. We can however distract it (and by default alleviate the fear it creates), by putting our attention and focus somewhere else. Make a commitment to spend 5 minutes every morning and evening to observe the force of life through your breath and you will have discovered the secret to healing. Everything else will begin to fall into place.

Hilary: What was your main goal in writing and sharing your healing journey with others?

Martha: I have never forgotten my roots, the divine places that God led me through to learn the truth about our bodies, health, healing and transformation and the truth of our divine nature. Every night when I turn on the news and I see another story about a heroin addict I think to myself  “that could have been me”. By the grace of God I had the love and support I needed to heal, get off prescription pain pills, and not move from those to heroin.

My life is a life of service to change the face of medicine. God did not give me more than he gave anyone else. We are all made from the same divine consciousness with everyone having the ability to do what I did – heal the physical body with self-love and self awareness. If I did not share my story, the lessons would all be in vain. People need to know about the magic and divinity of healing that lies within each and every one of us.

Hilary: The “Love Meditation” is so relevant and beautiful. What does love mean to you?

Martha: Love is the essence of life…the essence of Holy Spirit and the essence of our souls. When we come to see and know our true self, our God-self, we can witness this essence. I have seen and experienced my own soul in meditation. It is a place of nothingness. There is nothing but a sense of peace and beauty. No limitations, no boundaries, no restrictions. Once you have experienced this bliss you have come to know God, first hand, and you have come to now deep pure love in the soul.

Hilary: How was your relationship with your father integral in your journey. He was supportive, but also very worried about you. What and how did you explain to him that you were going to be okay, without the medical intervention that was being advised?

Martha: My father and I have had many life times of love together. Not always as father and daughter, as it was in this lifetime. We had a strong connection and bond of a more spiritual love, one that we have held through those many, many lifetimes. But, with his human mind he created limitations and restrictions for me – unknowingly. He let himself buy into the fears of his psyche mind.

However, my father was very much a modern day mystic. I believe that he struggled between the wisdom of all the ages that lived within him and the trappings of the material world. When we were both in our feeling hearts he had a trust and a knowing that what I was doing was “the Truth”  with a capital “T”. But there were times when the programming and fears of modern living got the best of him and he just worried about his little girl. He reached a point of surrender within himself and his life. He knew that no matter what happened to me I was filled with God, and he was filled with God, and that was all either of us needed, and in that space he could let go and trust. When he was connected to this it was easy for him to allow Divine intervention to move through both of us.

Hilary: You work very closely helping people on a daily basis. Are there any challenges you come across when trying to encourage people to move forward in the most healthy way possible? Leaving certain lifestyles behind?

Martha: Honestly, every day is a challenge integrating the truth. I have experienced and witnessed things that many people don’t understand or have a reference point for, especially if they are living in a linear, more fear based world. The greatest challenge is to help people trust themselves, trust that their body is not designed to break down and turn against them.

People have been programmed to fear rather than to live with an open heart and to harness the energy of that open heart to move mountains, clear karma and reprogram DNA. We live in an absolute magical world filled with miracles. I wish people could trust that more readily.

Hilary: How do you stay balanced, positive, loving, compassionate and grounded in your beliefs?

Martha: I’m still working on the compassionate part. I find it easy to stay balanced, positive and grounded in my own body and my own life because I have a longstanding spiritual practice. But I can’t deny that I am sometimes frustrated watching people struggle. We all have lessons that we came here to learn, but we don’t have to make things so difficult. Healing can truly happen in an instant. It doesn’t have to take 10 years, I know that now, with every fiber of my being.

“We become what we practice”

I have a mantra “we become what we practice”. I tell people that if you don’t like a part of your life, take a look at what you have been practicing in that area. Creating what we want takes practice, so I practice what I want to be and how I want my life to reflect that. Balance love, compassion and grounding happen for me in my meditation chair, in my mantra practice and my yoga practice. They also happen in the foods I choose to eat. All of these things carry a particular vibration – that’s is what we are really talking about when we use these ‘qualifiers’ they offer a particular frequency. I try to be mindful of my frequency that i put into the world.

Through her books, seminars, teachings and consultations, Martha Blessing describes the importance of believing in your own healing power. She inspires and guides clients to find a path out of pain and fear, into vibrant health and living a life of true happiness.

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