The Art of Listening to Life

Josep Soler, born in Barcelona, is the author of several books (including The Art of Listening to Life), and is an international lecturer. He received his MBA in business administration from the University of Barcelona, and became a businessman. As his career unfolded his life was impacted by a severe chronic shoulder pain, which was diagnosed as incurable. This experience led him on the path of several Eastern approaches such as Chinese Medicine, Yoga, Buddhism, Taoism, Tantrism and Vedanta nondual.

Medicine of the Soul | Soul LoveIn 1993, right after being inspired by the Secret code of the body, Josep visited India. Within four days of his arrival Josep’s chronic shoulder pain, healed & vanished without a trace. Joseph then went on to write about the clear connections between the body and the life that one leads. His first book called “Medicine of the Soul” written in collaboration, is a best seller. In 2015 he published Numerology of the Soul, 9 Paths Returning to Unity, a book on numerology. His current book, The Art of Listening to Life, has been translated into English so that he can share is successful methods of understandings throughout North America.

Josep has since passionately dedicated over 20 years of his life to the understanding and in teaching the creative process that life is. His studies of the Neurosciences helped him develop new understandings, which integrate the soul into the practice of mind-body medicine.

Interview with Josep Soler

The Art of Listening to Life | Soul LoveNot so long ago, I was being introduced to Josep Soler, while celebrating a full moon ceremony with several of my friends. After a few minutes into the conversation, I was already deeply intrigued by his wisdom and we decided to spend some more time together.

This ultimately resulted in a new friendship and an inspiring interview about this book that has been translated into the English language: The Art of Listening to Life. I hope you will enjoy our 40 minute conversation.

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