Interview with Neale Donald Walsch – The Only Thing That Matters – Part 1

Neale Donald WalschIn this exclusive interview with Neale Donald Walsch we discuss his latest book The Only Thing That Matters in which Neale explains that we’re on a sacred journey from birth to death and each of us has a divine purpose. Each soul has a specific agenda to serve the divine purpose – but most people are serving everything else but the divine purpose.
But of course we ask him some more personal questions, like how he practically connects with the Divine Source and what Love means to him.

Soul Love: Neale, you are the author of 28 books, including the Conversations with God series and your latest Conversations with Humanity series. That’s a lot of writing! Where do you get your inspiration from?

Neale Donald Walsch: God.

SL: Can you elaborate on that and explain to us how your days look like?

With regard to my writing, I set aside a number of hours each day for my writing work. This includes the writing of my books, the writing of my blogs, the writing of newspaper and magazine articles that I am often asked to contribute to, other publications and my writing for Huffington Post and for other online distribution networks such as Patheos.

So each morning I arise, usually before 6 am often as early as 4.30 am and I do my writing work from the time I arise until around noon or 1 in the afternoon. And so I write 8 hours a day, more or less, and during those moments I depend on the process by which I am inspired to engage itself and it almost always does.

SL: That’s wonderful. Apparently, if you set aside time for that you will automatically get connected to the source of where you get your inspiration from.

NDW: I believe that’s true for all people, I believe that all people are, to use your words “automatically connected to”, the source of wisdom and clarity that exists within them. But I think that perhaps some people are not aware of this connection or perhaps they discount it, or perhaps they call it something else, like women’s intuition or serendipity, or coincidence, or a stroke of luck, or a moment of brilliance, or a good idea, but I believe it’s all really the same thing – a Conversation with God. And so we’re talking really about the source from which all creativity emerges – the source that supplied Michelangelo with his breathtaking artistic expression, the source that supplied Mozart with his astonishing musical expressions, the source that supplied Thomas Jefferson with the words that created a declaration of freedom and independence that has lasted over 200 years for one of the world’s nations, and the source that has provided inspiration for people from the beginning of time.

People who write poetry and create plays and produce books and generate inventions and ideas and developments and technology and medicine and science and education and theology and every area of human endeavor – it all springs from the same source in my understanding, and none of us is more privileged to have access to that source than anyone else.

SL: You begin your latest book The Only Thing that Matters with the following statement:
“Something like 108 billion people have lived on our planet during its history, and despite all of the experiences in all of the lifetimes of all those people, we have still not found a way way to exist together in peace and harmony”.

That’s a very remarkable way of looking at our evolution and I feel that this also sums up your current view on our society. You share such a wonderful insights with us, but at times I feel that you can also get disappointed about the lack of progress of our evolution. Or am I wrong?

NDW: I am not disappointed, I simply observe it. The books that I write, I am inspired to write by God. It’s not a question of what I like to share, it’s a question of what I am inspired to share and it is all a part of the larger process of evolution that is occurring on the planet, that is – the books that I contribute are part of the larger process of the evolution of humanity, moving the species forward, forward, ever forward on its path towards ultimate self fulfillment and self expression.

SL: You used the words “towards ultimate self fulfillment”. Is evolution purely a journey or is there an end goal to our evolution?

NDW: Evolution never ends and it cannot ever end or it would be the end of life itself as we know it. Evolution is a circular process, as I understand it, and it never ends. Even if and when we achieve what we imagine to be the highest state of evolution that is possible, we will discover in that moment that there are still higher states available to us. And should we achieve and rise to the level of those higher states, we will discover that there are higher states still to which we may rise and so I am reliably informed that the process of evolution never ends nor can it or will it ever end.

SL: Should we therefore always be grateful for the process and the progress that we make?

NDW: I don’t know wether we ‘should be’ anything, grateful or anything else. Should is not a part of my vocabulary. I do not believe that we should ‘should’ on ourselves, so I would not make that statement about what we should be grateful for. We may choose to be grateful for it if we wish and we may not choose to. The choice is always ours with regard to your question and every other aspect of life for that matter. By the choices that we make with regard to all of the opportunities that life presents, we define ourselves. Every act is an act of self definition.

SL: You write “The Soul knows that there is more than one way to the mountaintop”, and that “there is no right way to get there”.
This means there’s no wrong way either. So why does it really matter what matters in life?

NDW: It doesn’t. The only thing that matters is that nothing matters and that’s what I’ve come to clearly understand. Every act is an act of self definition. If we think that something in particular matters we then must ask the question: “To whom would it matter”? To God? Yet, God has no preference in the matter of how we live our lives. I was told reliably that nothing matters. Therefore, why choose one thing over another and say that it matters to us, because by such an extraordinary expression of the experience of total and absolute free will, we recreate ourselves anew in the next grandest version of the greatest vision ever we held about who we are. And by that process we evolve.

iconThe book offers one possibility of the only thing that matters and the book indicates that the only thing that matters is that ‘what one wants’ and the book describes ‘one’ as ‘God’. So what one desires is the only thing that matters and I agree but we have to delve further into this because ‘what one desires’ is what God desires, is nothing at all other than that we desire as individuations of God, that is – God desires every aspect of itself, every being in the Universe to experience and express itself freely from a place of free will with the absolute ability to make any choice or decision that it wishes and not to have to be hampered by or limited by or instructed by, much less commended by any particular idea from the totality of the whole that we call God.

In the end, when we probe the mystery to its ultimate conclusion, we find out that the only thing that matters, is that nothing matters. But because nothing matters intrinsically, that is specifically to God, each individuation of God, each expression of God gets to decide what matters to it, therein is the ultimate freedom and expression of divinity, because the definition of divinity is life expressed freely without limitation, without requirement, without commends or demands, without expectations and with no need for any particular outcome whatsoever. This is the fundamental principle upon which the Universe itself is based and it is being demonstrated in every moment of human life by every expression of human life.

The interesting aspect of that however, is that not every expression of human life is aware of it. Some human beings are not conscious or aware of the process that is occurring, much less of the part that they are playing in the process. Other human beings are aware and they are not only conscious of the process, but are in control of it in so far as the process impacts their particular individuation. We call such people avatars, or masters, or gurus, or saints or sages, or prophets. We call them by these names because we recognize instantly that somehow they are operating with a different set of rules in life. They seem to know more, they seem to control more, they seem to create more, they seem to express more and they seem to experience more of divinity than so called ‘normal people’, which means loosely ‘the rest of us’. And so we look to these kinds of people to bring us their grander inspirations, their greater visions, their higher notions, their expanded conceptualizations of life and of God and of who we are in the ultimate reality.

“We often tend to make things quite complex as humans but it is most often in the simplicity of just being who we are that we discover truly that we are God and that we are part of this Universe”.

SL: You also write about “Taking the Path of the Soul will change everything”. It often seems that we don’t know what the path looks like and therefore millions of us struggle with this. How do we know what our Soul’s path is?

path-of-the-soulNDW: By deciding what it is. It would be a mistake to presume that the path exists ahead of us. Every act is an act of self definition. There is no path that exists ahead of us, there is only the path we are taking with the choices and decisions we are making in the present moment – in every present moment. If there were a path ahead of us, someone else would have to create it. Who would create the path we are supposed to take? And why would they create it one way rather than another way and then tell us that we are supposed to take that path and then we’re on the so called ‘Right Way’? There is no such thing as you’ve asked about in your question. We are creating the path as we go along. It doesn’t matter what path you create as all paths lead to the same destination. It’s impossible to take a wrong path.

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