After many years of searching for meaning in his life, across many continents, enlightened teacher Avinash Do experienced enlightenment in 2009 – the state of peace and lightness in every moment (no more suffering). It became clear to him that this state can be experienced by any who wish for it, through living an ordinary life – because living in a monastery or going on a pilgrimage is not for everybody.

Avinash has also been traveling with Amma, the Hindu spiritual leader and guru (also known as the Hugging Saint). She has had a deep impact on his life. Amma has also showed him the way to be kind to others. Not by talking about it but by action.

Our enlightened teacher shows us that living an ordinary life in an extraordinary way is possible. He also teaches us how to use everyday events as tools for our own growth and happy living.

Super Souls was lucky to connect with Avinash Do for an interview. You can read to entire interview now here.

“Fearlessness comes from serving others.”

Again, we can conclude that there are so many incredibly inspiring Soul Love out there. Avinash Do is one of them, but we can promise you, this is just the beginning.
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