When I get married and have kids, I’ll be happy.

When I own a home, I’ll be happy.

When I feel better, I’ll be happy.

When I receive the awesome position at work, I’ll be happy.

It seems we’re always on the prowl for happiness. We feel that someday when the conditions, circumstances, and players are aligned with the stars and in perfect order, we’ll finally be happy. But are we actually giving up our joy now in hopes of achieving happiness later?

For some, happiness has become a future event, intentionally shelving happiness to remain safely rooted in their dissatisfaction. Fear of risk, the unknown, or unworthiness keeps them locked in the idea that happiness, sex, intimacy, communication, partnership, and their “happily ever after” will someday magically appear. Sadly, more people are at home in the energy of fear than in the energy of joy and, as a result become entrenched in a job situation because they think there’ll be a financial payoff later or remain tethered to a miserable marriage in hopes their partner will change.

Our perception or concept of joy has a significant impact on our level of happiness. Some people embody the energy of joyfulness all the time because they have a very broad definition of joy. Everything makes them happy- being out in nature, petting a dog, or hanging out with friends and family. Their idea of joy is all encompassing and wherever they are, they’re joyful. True happiness is inclusive, expansive, and full of love. The narrower the perception of happiness, the less authentic joy is allowed in.

It may seem impossible, but happiness can exist as a part of your everyday experience. Happy people are content within themselves and at peace with who they are. Their happiness is not based on who they’re with, what they’re doing, wearing, driving or who their sleeping with. Their fulfillment does not hinge on someone or something outside of themselves.

True happiness is an inside job. It originates from the profound acceptance of self along with a willingness to be vibrationally centered and comfortable in your own skin. Happiness is an individual experience, and the only way to end the fruitless seeking and searching is to live your life authentically and discover what brings you joy.

The fretful pursuit of happiness is over. Don’t worry. Be happy.

What makes you happy? How do you connect to that energy of happiness? What do you feel is keeping you from your joy? Let us know in the comment section below. We’d love to hear your story.


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