Doesn’t this sound easy: Be Grateful?
For many it does, but we also know the expression ‘taking things for granted’. Especially when we are on auto-pilot and following our daily routines. Our agendas are crammed with appointments and the to-do-list is longer than we like it to be. There’s no time to reflect and realize that we should be grateful for what we actually have in our lives.

be gratefulAnd then, suddenly something important happens… the blessing of a newborn baby or you fall in love with this amazing person in your life…
At that very moment, we know exactly what is really important in our lives. It’s our natural gift to realize how important every single moment actually is, because we know for a fact that this is all there is; ‘Now and only now’.
But through many years of conditioning by the society we live in, most of us live a life lead by various external factors. Things that happen to us or eventually might happen to us, without having much control over it. It makes us frustrated and fearful because we lack this control that we so very much like and make ourselves dependent of.

But what happens if we turn it around by holding on to this feeling of gratitude and to be grateful. We know what is really important. In stead of trying to rationalize it, feel what you feel from inside. If you want it or not but your energy level changes, all of a sudden you feel ‘amazing’ and deep in your heart you will say to yourself “Thank You”.

Good Practice
It might be a good practice to stop dwelling in the past and not worrying about what tomorrow looks like. Why don’t you start now by setting aside a couple of minutes each day and just be quiet. Look around you, how beautiful does the sky look like? The sun might warm your skin. You can hear the birds singing and kids playing and laughing. Aren’t you lucky right now? You won’t need to tell yourself Be Grateful or “Say Thank You”. You’ve already said it with your heart.
The words “Thank You” are two of the most beautiful words in our language. They light up somebody’s face and help other people know that they are appreciated. It opens the doors to our hearts and allows us to feel connected.

Why don’t you actually start right now and take a few minutes to watch the beauty in our lives.

Peace to you.