Living in the LightWhen there is a choice to make, we often experience our ‘moments’. This happens almost daily.
A choice about how to memorize it, how to look at it and how to feel about it.
Recently, I started trying to be more aware during this ‘moment of choice’. I can choose to stay, or I can ‘Live in the Light’.

To me, Living in the Light means that my thoughts and my mindset will stay positive and that I will stay connected with the people I care about. That I keep my eyes open to the beauty of nature, which I am part of every day.
When I can keep myself in this ‘zone of awareness’, my moments are truly special. I experience a deeper connection with the people I meet. Conversations are more personal, meaningful and different questions are asked. There’s more room to share and to heal with each other in that very moment.

But what if our day starts with a moment that is not in our favour? How do we decide to feel or decide to look at this situation?
If your choice is to Live in the Light, you will take your time, observe the moment and make a conscious decision. You will also be handling the things that come into your path with a more open mind.
You try to look at it from different perspectives and make a choice to change your thoughts and feelings about it in a more loving and accepting way.
Experience this situation as a learning moment and try to change it for yourself in an opportunity for personal growth, and to take better care of yourself.
Living in the Light also means that you will be able to help others.
You are important, stay true to who you are and do not make choices that are not feeling right. If the choice that you make provides you with a feeling of love and happiness, a good feeling inside of you, then you know you are on the right path.
And you will feel that the ‘Light’ you choose to be in, glows around you. It protects you during the more difficult moments and also attracts more moments of joy.

Super Souls hopes to inspire you to make the choice to ‘Live in the Light’ (or to return to it) as much as possible. The world around you looks different, you feel different and you certainly are in a better place. Why not write down your experience and share it with others. You are invited to share it with us!