In a series of seven posts about The 7 Principles of Happiness, this is Principle #2 Giving.

We have probably all heard it before, how a simple act of giving can improve your health, your relationships, your happiness and more…
 It is something you already know in your heart – that giving is a key part of every person’s life.
 Did you also know that being open to ‘receiving’ is equally important? And why?

FlowGifts from Nature
Like a river, which is constantly flowing, without hesitation, the Body, Mind and Universe are also in a constant circulation, or ‘flow’ if you like. It is a flow of Abundance, since the universe doesn’t know any different. And it is this natural flow of abundance where 
 giving and receiving are in constant exchange. And since we are not separate from each other and not separate from the Universe, giving to others automatically means giving to yourself.
Make sure that you are also open to receiving, you would otherwise disturb this natural flow. You could say ‘giving is receiving’.

How can you practise this?
– Appreciate all gifts you receive from nature: the wonderful sunlight, birds singing in the trees, the first fresh snow on the ground, but also gifts from others.
– When you come in contact with anyone, always bring something. It can be a compliment, a flower, a present, a note or a 
 silent blessing.

In our next post you can read more about the third principle ‘Conscious choice making’.