In a series of seven posts about The 7 Principles of Happiness, this is Principle #3 Conscious Choice Making.

Choice-makingWe have all been provided with a number of incredible and irrevocable gifts that are oftentimes overlooked or we just take them for granted.
 Although we’re well aware of the ‘conscious choices’ that we make, it’s more times than not the ‘unconscious choices’ that lead to producing our ‘less than desired’ results 
 regardless of how badly we may ‘want’ something.

You will feel it
This principle is all about the action of conscious choice making and spontaneous and correct choice making.
 Each choice that we make, brings with it a result, this is sometimes called “karma”. Therefore, we need to bring as much consciousness as possible to the choices we make. But how do we know that we are making the right choices? You will feel it!

How can you can practise this?
– By witnessing the choices you make, means that you will make it 
 automatically a conscious choice.
– Asking yourself if this choice will make you and those around you happy. What are the consequences of this choice?
– Feel the sensation in your body. Is it a sensation of comfort or discomfort? You will automatically know. And if you’re not sure, ask your heart what to do. The heart always knows the correct answer. Rational or not.

In our next post you can read more about the fourth principle ‘Least Effort’.