In a series of seven posts about The 7 Principles of Happiness, this is Principle #4 Least Effort.

The principle of Least Effort is a principle we can directly learn from nature.
The sun rises each day again, without any effort. And the birds start to sing, they don’t really try hard, they just sing.
 This is also human nature, so that we can manifest our deepest dreams in just a perfect way.

Motivated by Love
least-effortLeast Effort is probably one of the least understood principles, as we are used to work hard, persevere, being the best we can be, 
 and so on…
Have you ever tried to influence a person, including yourself? Was that your ego at work or was it purely out of love?
Anita Moorjani, the author of ‘Dying to be Me’, describes it as follows “I perceived that I wouldn’t have to go out and search for what I was supposed to do – it would unfold before me. I simply had to allow it to unfold. To access this state of allowing, the only thing I had to do was be myself! I realized that all those years, all I ever had to do was be myself, without judgement or feeling that I was flawed. I understood that merely by being the love I truly am, I would heal both myself and others.”
Isn’t that wonderful?

How can you can practise Least Effort?
– Try to always accept people, circumstances and events as they are. This moment is as it is, like the entire universe is. So, if you 
struggle against this moment, you struggle against the entire 
universe. Say to yourself and know that ‘It’s all Good’.

– Always forgive. Don’t blame anyone, including yourself for what is happening around you. It is what it is.

– Don’t spend energy on defending your point of view. Be open to any point of view and try not to be rigid. 
 If you don’t resist, everything comes with effortless ease.

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Principle #5 is all about Intention.