In a series of seven posts about The 7 Principles of Happiness, these are Principle #5 Intention and #6 Step into the Unknown.

#5 Intention

fulfill your dreamFulfill any Dream
With ‘Intention’ you can fulfill any dream or desire you might have. You apply this in your thoughts, feelings, emotions and 
 desires. You are part of this mighty universe, which is a movement of energy and information.
‘Attention’ energizes, but ‘intention’ transforms, and is the real power behind your desires.

You can practise Intention by:
– Listing your dreams & desires, and carry them with you
– Go into silence, daily, and stay close to yourself
– Stay true to yourself. Don’t look at yourself through the eyes of the world. Know that you are perfect, just the way you are.
– Relinquish any attachment to the outcome. This will be handled for you. Really!

#6 Step into the Unknown

Do you also have things lined up and your life pretty much planned for the next years? Most of us do.
It feels good, doesn’t it! It’s our need for security.
 But what if something suddenly changes? Panic!
Here is why you should embrace uncertainty.
 If you’re open to things, they walk through the door and you’ll find yourself at places you never imagined to be.

Be open to anything
You could also call it ‘the principle of detachment’.
 It doesn’t mean that you give up your dreams, intentions or desires. Not at all. But you should try to give up the attachment to it. Being attached to something creates anxiety, will make you rigid and causes that you forget your inner dreams.
The source of abundance is the ‘self’. The rest are symbols (cars, money, etc.) and they will only make you worry.
The need for security is based on not knowing the true self.
We dare you to step into the unknown. When you experience uncertainty, you know you’re on the right way, and ‘freedom and creativity’ flow right through you.

Want to try it?
– Try to embrace detachment
Love the things and situations as they are. Don’t force any solutions.
– Embrace uncertainty
Uncertainty is the essential ingredient in ‘experience’ and it is your pass to freedom.
– Be open to anything
Step into the field of all possibilities and remain open to it. You will only then experience the fun & mystery of life.

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