In a series of seven posts about The 7 Principles of Happiness, this is the last post:
My Purpose.

Have you ever sat down and thought, “What is my 
purpose in life? What is my passion? Where do I go from here?”
The true goal behind what we pursue is often internal – and most of the time, this internal goal is simply to be happy. We like to think this is too simple.
 But really, it is enough. Don’t you think so?

Law of Nature
My purpose is giving othersIn our earlier post about principle #2 Giving we talked about Nature and the natural flow of abundance where 
giving and receiving are in constant exchange.
If you truly want to find out what the real reason is why you’re here, start finding your unique talents and the way you express them. Purposes are never pertinent, so don’t look too far down the line. You are here to discover your true self. You might want to start by being kind to others by moving away from “what’s in it for me”, to “how can I help.”
 This is also exactly Super Souls’ intention.

Try to use the Law of Nature yourself:
– Spend some time in silence (ideally twice a day) and just listen.
 Slowly, you thoughts will fade away.
– Make a list of your unique talents and especially the ones you really love. Try using them!
– Serve humanity – Ask yourself “how can I help? How can I serve?” Serve your human fellows with love.
See what happens and answer your question by writing down: My purpose is…

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