What would you answer, when I ask what true love means to you?
I asked several friends lately, and their answers didn’t surprise me.  In fact, I probably agree with all of them.

Of course it all comes down to the way you look at true love.  Some related it immediately to relationships and mentioned selflessness and unconditional love, while others mentioned that love is patient, kind and can’t be measured.  Also “romantic love is a deep, intense and unending love” remarked one of my friends.  I thought about this for a while and suddenly I knew my own answer.

True loveWhen I was a little boy (and the youngest of 3 brothers), I remember that my mum always ‘spoiled’ me with lots of love and so many kisses.  At that time, it was all I really needed and it was my image of what true love is all about.  It can’t get any better.  It all sounds very sweet doesn’t it?  Of course it does!

But about 40-something years later, and just days before this very special woman passed on, we held each other (she couldn’t speak anymore) and I could feel this same deeply rooted and unconditional love flowing between us.  Words were not needed, we just knew.

True loveSo, I think that my image of what true love is all about hasn’t changed that much.  Especially this ‘just knowing’ is key for me.

While fully agreeing with what my friends mentioned to me, I personally feel that love is even bigger.  We ARE love and love is the spirit of life.  Deepak Chopra phrases it so beautifully; “flowers don’t try to bloom, they just bloom and birds don’t try to fly, they just fly.”  That is pure love to me, just knowing and trusting.

Do you feel true love in your life?  If you don’t right now, don’t worry and know that we don’t need to seek love.  It’s already there, even if you don’t feel it at this very moment.  Try to let go of your fears and ‘just know’ that you ARE love and it WILL appear.  Fear is not natural and is caused by many external factors that might happen, as fear is always a projection of the future.  In a recent conversation, a friend told me: “People often act unloving out of fear and shame.”  That’s so true. By letting go of these fears, love will appear.

Let’s share the love by knowing that you are love already and that it will flow when you allow it to.