Ronny EdryRonny Edry is a graphic designer, teacher, husband, father of two kids and he lives in Tel Aviv, Israel. Ronny is the driving force behind ‘Israel Loves Iran’ on Facebook and who delivered a high impact speech on Tedx Talks. More than enough reasons for us to have a ‘behind the scenes’ interview with Ronny Edry, founder of ‘The Peace Factory’, in order to learn more about his motivations, personal beliefs and his future plans. Read the interview now!

Fear Rules
Fear rules the region of the Middle East and war seems to be their curse. With fear and war come poverty, racism, and fundamentalism.
After years of wars and conflict, many Israelis have sadly lost faith in peace. They are mainly occupied with economic issues.
But Ronny strongly believes that peace still needs to be the focus in the debates. Peace is the key to most of the problems in Israel and in the region. And Ronny Edry is very successful in ‘humanizing’ his messages.
To us Ronny is a true ‘Loving Soul’.