Neale Donald Walsch

Neale Donald Walsch’s new book The Only Thing That Matters is, says Neale: “the most important book I’ve written since Conversations with God-Book 1”. If CWG1 was as lifechanging for you as it was for me… then this new book is certainly worth a look.

Neale observes that “98% of the world’s people are spending 98% of time on things that don’t matter” – because they don’t know what matters, haven’t decided what matters (their life priorities) or they’re clear about what matters but not clear how to step into a life that demonstrates and represents and manifests, mostly, that which matters.

Soul Love spoke with Neale about his latest book but we also asked him some more personal questions, like how he practically connects with the Divine Source and what Love means to him. You can now read Part 1 of our personal and exclusive interview with Neale Donald Walsch here.