Sara Lahey - Hunting Happiness ProjectWe have promised you to inspire you with beautiful stories by, and about people who believe and act in kindness, love and who live in gratitude. In our search for our next  Loving Soul we met with Sara Lahey.
Sara Lahey is the founder of ‘The Hunting Happiness Project’. This initiative was born from Sara’s burning desire to bring profound healing to the world.  It is from her unwavering commitment to help spread happiness that the foundation for her mission was set.
We recently interviewed Sara as we like to learn more about who this ‘Super Souls woman’ behind this incredibly important work is: Interview here.

Sara: “Love is the universal language”

We are amazed by the wonderful, loving and kind people that are out there and Sara is one of them.
Her work reminds us of a passage from A Course in Miracles:
Alone we can do nothing,
but together our minds fuse into something
whose Power is far beyond
the power of its separate parts.

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