In our blog post ‘The 7 Principles of Happy Living‘ we offered you a free ebook listing those 7 principles. We have decided to write 7 posts about each of these valuable principles.

Why are so many people looking for the ‘ultimate happiness’? Why is this so important to us? Is it because we lack happiness in our lives or is it because we are always seeking for ‘more’?
 We don’t think that happiness is obtained by doing extraordinary things or looking for that ‘magical dream’. On the contrary, by 
becoming obsessed about it and too attached, you will feel anxiety. This will make you rigid and causes you to forget your inner dreams.

Poet Ralph Waldo Emerson wrote: 
“To be yourself in a world that is constantly trying to make you 
 something else is the greatest accomplishment.”

#1 Your essential nature
Our essential nature is pure love, a perfect 
balance, simplicity and bliss. The universe is a movement of energy and information, and is there to guide us, so that we can live in perfect harmony.
We often perceive the world as being harsh and complicated. Well, it’s not the world but the people who make it complicated. And we think it’s for no real reason. All that we are looking for in our lives is already there. By realizing this, we have found our purpose and happiness.

essential-natureBeing You
Why do we so often feel that we have to live up to other’s expectations? When you think about it, does that feel natural to you?
 We’re constantly measuring ourselves with colleagues, neighbors, people who seem to live a happier life than we do, and so on.
It is certainly part of the conditioning of the world we live in.
But we are all born in love, with unique talents and ready to follow our heart, so that we can live in bliss, now, and forever. By only being yourself, going inward and following your heart, you will find your purpose.

What is your choice?
Would you want to live a life according to the principle of ‘object referral’, where you seek the approval of others? This is fear, and not love based. 
 You will then be dependent of external factors, treasure the need for power and approval. Or…
You choose to live your life according to the principle of ‘self referral’, with the support of the laws of nature. Your true self is un-fearful, feeling 
beneath no one and is immune to criticism.

How can you practise this?
– Spend some time in nature, every day. When you are tuned into the creative mind of nature, you will be independent of things and 
 people. You will feel absolutely connected to your source and feel free.
– Be in silence or meditate daily for 10 – 30 mins. and listen what your heart tells you and how you feel.
– Do not judge anybody, and especially not yourself, as you will only restrict yourself.

In our next post you can read more about the ‘Power of Giving‘.