Interview Anita Moorjani and Dirk Terpstra | Soul Love

It has been just two weeks ago that Anita and I met during the Divine Love event on Maui. This beautiful event was organized by Hay House and Wayne Dyer and to summarize it all is best said with the words of Indian spiritual teacher Osho:
“The only way to know about Love is to be Love”.

In 2013 Anita and I spoke about the remarkable lessons that she had learned during her dramatic Near Death Experience. But this time we talked about Anita’s current experiences as a world famous author and speaker and Anita also lifted the veil on her upcoming book called ‘Being Myself’ in which she wants you to know that you are powerful, more than anybody has ever told you – Be as You as You can Be!

I am very happy that we can now share our latest interview with the beautiful Anita Moorjani.

Dirk Terpstra – Editor Soul Love (former ‘Super Souls’)